Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018: How to Prepare

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

If you pay attention to astrology or have ever taken an astrology course, you likely know that eclipses can be powerful turning points. Those who are sensitive to the energy of the moon also will probably have tales about life events that took place around an eclipse. July 2018’s Lunar Eclipse on the 27th will be a doozy.

This particular eclipse falls in the sign of Aquarius. One reason this eclipse stands out among others is because it will last longer than most eclipses. In fact, this will be the longest eclipse of the century. That could make the effects of this eclipse more potent than usual. Expect things to possibly get intense. Called the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse because the moon will appear red to those who can see it, this eclipse could usher in an ending or two, but anything that happens will be for your good, pushing you to move to the next level. (If you want to learn more about eclipses in general here’s a great explanation from AstrologyZone).

Lunar eclipses always occur during a full moon. It’s a time when the earth comes between the sun and the moon so the moon goes dark for a period of time. If you know anything about the energy of the full moon, you know that this is a time in which the Universe helps us to release what no longer serves us. You might do a full moon ritual in which you light a candle and set the intention to release people, circumstances or situations that are bringing us down. Lunar eclipses have the power of the full moon behind them but that power is amplified. So if there’s something in your life that needs releasing, don’t be surprised if the Universe gives you a nudge.

What to expect from the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Manifestation is a popular subject. Release, another word for loss, doesn’t create the same type of hype. So often, I hear people complaining that they want to manifest something new, yet they aren’t willing to release what is blocking them from the new beginning they crave. However, release has a purpose. It allows us to become clear and travel lighter so that we are free to take on new things and new experiences that better serve us.

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Lunar eclipses tend to be turning points; intuition is heightened during full moons and lunar eclipses, so something may come to light in your life during this period. You may discover that someone’s motives aren’t what you thought, or you might learn some new information about an experience that has been going on in the background of your life.

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Lunar eclipses also tend to stir up our emotions. Don’t be surprised if you feel sad or moody or angry or hopeless during this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Heavy feelings are often dredged up during lunar eclipses so that you can deal with them. Ask those feelings what they have to teach you. They may be pointing you to a situation that you need to change in your life (that toxic relationship or that job that you hate.). They may be pushing you to shift your priorities (stop wasting so much time and start writing that book). Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings because insights are likely to rain down if you pay attention.

In the days leading up to the eclipse you may have noticed visits from people from your past, giving you a chance to revisit your feelings and see if they have changed. You may also have been given choices that would have appealed to you in the past, only to see that you have come a long way and evolved. Trust what you know during the days leading up to and following an eclipse. You inner guidance will be strong; you just have to learn to trust it.

Be still or act? What to do around a lunar eclipse

So one of the big questions is this: what do you do when a lunar eclipse occurs? With all of that heavy emotional energy hanging around, this isn’t a good time to be impulsive. I’d avoid initiating actions right now; it’s a good time to surrender and watch what Universe does.  It can actually be exciting to see what will unfold because you can get a glimpse into what your higher self is ready for you to work on.

It’s a good time to set the intention to release things that no longer serve you, but often with a lunar eclipse, you will be called on to release something you weren’t expecting. Take it in stride and trust where the Universe is leading you to focus your energies.

Your life is always evolving and you’re always guided in a direction that will be more in alignment with your heart. But you have to listen. Focus on the insights you get during this time and journal them if you can. Over the next few days, the heavy energy will start to dissipate and you’ll start to feel yourself again. But after this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, you will likely come away with a new path and a new direction. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.