Can Deja Vu Lead You to Your Soulmate?

deja vu soulmate

Have you ever been going about your day only to stop and feel like you’ve lived that moment before? Maybe you were having a conversation and knew how the dialog was going to go even as the conversation was still taking place. Or perhaps you arrived someplace you’d never been only to recognize it and KNOW that you’d been there before.

This feeing is deja vu, which occurs when you have an experience that is familiar on a soul level even though logically you’ve never experienced it. You naysay to yourself, “I’ve lived this moment before.” Some believe that deja vu occurs when we remember something from a past life. There’s another theory that deja vu occurs because we’re living the same existence over and over in a loop. (I’m not sure I buy that one.) Yet another theory is that deja vu has to do with parallel lives in which different versions of us are living variations of our life. (I must admit, that idea does intrigue me.)

Deja vu can leave you feeling off-kilter, but it can also do something for you: Deja vu can sometimes lead you to a soulmate, or help you to recognize one.

Soulmates and deja vu

Soulmates are those that we share multiple lifetimes with and who share the same soul group as us. Some soulmates become lovers; others can be friends, relatives and sometimes enemies. But one thing that all of our soulmates have in common: we share some of the same karmic lessons and we share memories from other lives. Since soulmates travel with us life after life, we often have similar past-life memories.

Sometimes we don’t recognize our soulmates immediately. So it can be helpful if deja vu can clue you into the fact that you’re having a soulmate experience. Here are a couple of  ways in which deja vu can be pointing you toward a soulmate:

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You and another person experience deja-vu together. Say you’re with someone and you experience deja vu. Then you notice that the person you’re with is looking at you strangely. Maybe they even tell you that they feel like the experience happened before.  If any of that happens, that is a sign for you to look more closely at the situation. If you and another person shared a deja vu experience, that could indicate that you shared a past life experience and are, in fact, soulmates.

You experience deja vu when interacting with a stranger. Here’s another way that deja vu can give you some insight into whether someone is a soulmate. Say you met a stranger, but suddenly felt like the experience had happened before. In that moment, you KNOW you’ve interacted with this stranger before. Many times people who fall in love describe feeling like they already knew the person when they met. That experience of deja vu can let you know that the person you’re interacting with is important. It’s a sign for you to pay attention.

You experience deja vu with someone in your life. Even if the other person isn’t a stranger, a deja vu experience with someone can be giving you soulmate vibes. Maybe it’s someone in your life whom you are overlooking or maybe it’s someone who will soon play a bigger role in your life than you now know.

Deja vu is one of the ways that the Universe speaks to us. If we pay attention to the signs and symbols, we can get nudges in the direction that is most in alignment with our soul. Who wouldn’t want to benefit from that? may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


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