Brexit psychic prediction: Did blind mystic predict Brexit?

A couple of months ago, Psychic Lessons posted an article about a Bulgarian psychic who may have predicted the rise ISIS. Baba Vanga was a blind psychic who made a number of predictions that have come true. Among them: The September 11th Terrorist Attacks in 2001 and the Indonesia tsunami that ravaged Asia in 2004.

While the article focused on Vanga’s prediction that ISIS would attack Europe by the end of 2016, a different prediction might have already come true with the Brexit vote.

According to Baba Vanga, Europe would no longer exist as we know it by the end of 2016.┬áThink about that, and think about what has just happened with the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union. Not only is the EU no longer what it once was, but it’s looking like the United Kingdom, itself, will be no more as Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland look to leave the UK and remain a part of the EU.

This is a clear example of how people often get a psychic prediction wrong because they don’t interpret it correctly. Since terrorism was a in the forefront of people’s minds in recent months, many believed that if something happened to destroy Europe as we know it, it had to involve terrorism. However, this vote arguably has had the same effect.

When you get a psychic reading or hear a prediction, it’s important to try to approach it from a clean slate. Try to not let your biggest fears and desires influence your interpretation. For example, in this case, terrorism was a fear that was in the forefront of people’s minds. Not surprisingly, many applied that fear to their interpretation of Baba Vanga’s prediction about Europe.

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