Did Bulgarian psychic predict rise of ISIS?

Have you ever heard of Baba Vanga? She was a blind psychic from Bulgaria who provided a number of psychic predictions believed to have come true. Among her psychic hits: She predicted the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and the tsunami that devastated Indonesia back in 2004. Though Baba Vanga died in 1996, her predictions are still being recounted and analyzed.

Among her prophecies is a prediction that could possibly be interpreted as the rise of ISIS. Baba Vanga predicted that Muslim extremists would invade Europe in 2016, launching what she called “a great Muslim War.” She predicted that Muslim extremists would use chemical warfare against the Europeans and by the end of 2016, Europe would no longer exist as we know it.

She also went on to say that by the year 2043, Muslim extremists would have established a thriving caliphate with Rome as its center.

Baba Vanga’s earlier predictions have been so accurate that some have referred to her as the Nostradamus from the Balkans, named after the French seer Michel de Nostredame. Her personal story is just as interesting as some of her predictions. She was not born blind. When she was 12, she was blinded during a┬ástorm and after that she began to have visions of the future.

Like Nostradamus, many of Baba Vanga’s prophecies are open for interpretation. For example, her prediction regarding the September 11th Terror Attacks had her stating that the “American brethren” would be under attack by “two steel birds.” Those who believe she was referencing September 11th point out that the two steel birds could be the hijacked planes that crashed into the World Trade Center.

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She is also believed to have predicted the presidency of Barack Obama. Apparently she said that the 44th president of the United States would be African American.

There has been a lot of interest in recent months about whether Nostradamus predicted the rise of ISIS, as well as what other psychics have said about the troubles throughout the world. Only time will tell if the prophecies are correct, but you can best believe that a lot of people are paying attention.

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