Psychic tip leads to sexual abuse arrest

There’s no shortage of people pointing out psychic scams and instances in which psychics did not predict the winning lottery numbers. But there are also cases of psychics bringing people the answers they need. Sometimes, psychics even help to solve crimes.

No, it’s not just in books and television shows that psychics use their skills to catch murderers and solve crimes. There are psychics across the country who work with police departments and government agencies to glean information that isn’t readily available through the five senses.

In Iowa, a psychic tip led to the arrest of a man who sexually abused seven children inside of his house. The case was cracked after a psychic told a woman during a psychic reading that someone she knew had been sexually abused. The woman took the information seriously and started asking around and she found out that she did know one of the children who had been sexually abused.

That information was taken to the police, and eventually that led to the arrest of Paul Howard Abels.

While the psychic is the hero in this story, so too is the woman who was given the information. So often, people are afraid to act on intuition whether it comes from a psychic or from oneself. However, in this case, acting upon the information led to justice and prevented those children from being further manipulated.

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