How to become a psychic medium

Have you ever wished that you could communicate with a loved one who has crossed over to the other side? You may very well be able to. Not only that, but you may be able to bring joy and comfort to others by communicating with the deceased loved ones of others. If you’ve ever seen psychic mediums in action such as Lisa Williams and John Holland, you know how life transforming it can be for someone to receive a message from a person that they loved.
iconFor example, a deceased loved one may be able to tell you he or she loves you or forgives you for something you feel guilty about. Or a loved one can let you know that he or she saw and appreciates the flowers that you put on the grave each month.  What about if you have questions for the person, such as about the person’s death or about something they didn’t get a chance to tell you before they died. Imagine finding out those long-lost answers, or receiving a warning or a piece of advice from a loved one who you trust completely. Those are all of the things that a psychic medium can do.

Learn to be a psychic medium from an expert

So how do you become a psychic medium, which is someone who communicates with those who have crossed over to the other side? Well you can learn from an expert. John Holland is one of the premier psychic mediums in the United States. While you can spend money visiting a psychic medium such as John Holland, you can also learn to communicate with your loved ones on your own, thanks to an online course that John Holland put together.

The course teaches you first of all the difference between being psychic and being a medium. While we all have some psychic capabilities, some of us are more prone to mediumship than others. The course will help you to determine whether you are, in fact, a natural-born medium. (Hint: If you feel drawn to take this course, you’re likely a natural-born medium).

You’ll then learn about your energy centers, or chakras, and how they can play a role in helping you to develop your skills as a medium. You’ll learn to raise your vibration and ensure that your aura is open and ready to receive communication from those in other realms. Every medium has their own unique way of communicating with those who have crossed over. Some see spirits through clairvoyance. Others hear spirits through clairaudience. Still others feel spirits through clairsentience. The course will help you to see what your communication style is and help you to strengthen it.

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Once you start to communicate with spirits, there are important things you must learn. For example, you’ll want to learn how to shut it off. You don’t want spirits communicating with you at all times of the day. John Holland’s course will teach you how to do that. You’ll also want to learn how to know who is communicating with you. It’s one thing to get messages from those who have crossed over to another realm and another thing entirely to know who is speaking to you. It takes practice to improve any psychic abilities; the course also provides meditations and exercises that you can do at home to become a stronger psychic medium. If you want to take your knowledge to another level and give psychic medium readings to others, you can get some tips on doing so, as well, through the course.

We all know that death is a part of life, and losing someone we love can be one of the most difficult experiences we can have. But learning to not only recognize the signs that our loved ones are still around us, but to communicate with them, as well, can be one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. Click here to learn how to become a psychic medium with John Holland. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.