Can a past life regression bring you your soulmate?

One of the things people crave most in life is to find their soulmate or life partner. Can a past life regression help you to do this? One journalist, Estelle Erasmus, credits a past life regression with helping her to find her husband.

past life regressionErasmus recalls being single and frustrated when she was invited to a presentation being given by a hypnotist that specializes in past-life regression. Being someone who is always willing to try something once, Erasmus agreed to go. When the hypnotist asked if someone were willing to have a past life regression as a demonstration to the group, she was quick to volunteer.

Erasmus was surprised by what happened next. She told the hypnotist she wanted to figure out why she always picked emotionally unavailable men, and why she often felt suffocated by the idea of being in love. The hypnotist had her relax and took her back to the lifetime that had the answer to her questions.

She felt her awareness shift and literally felt herself as a man in Massachusetts during colonial times. The man’s name was Jonah, and he was in love with his sister-in-law. Since he didn’t want to hurt his relationship with his brother or sister-in-law, he didn’t tell her. His own wife had recently died from scarlet fever and he had never gotten over it.

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The hypnotist then fast-forwarded to the last day of Jonah’s life. Jonah was at that point an old man dying of heart disease. He was trying to tell his sister-in-law that he had always been in love with her but she didn’t want to hear it.

The hypnotist brought Erasmus back to her current life and asked her why that past life experience was relevant to her current life. Erasmus had the answer. She knew that because of that past life in which she had lost everything, she chose emotionally unavailable men that she had to fix. Also since Jonah had been too afraid to share his true feelings in that past life he had shut his heart down.

Erasmus believes that remnants from that past life were still affecting her in her current life.

It’s one thing to believe a past life regression helped you, and another thing to see proof. In an essay she wrote for Your Tango, Erasmus believes she has proof that it worked, as after the regression she began dating healthier men and not long after that she met her husband.

Benefits of a Past Life Regression

There are many ways that a past life regression can help you. It can help you find your soulmate, as in the case of Estelle Erasmus. A past life regression can also help you to focus on the key elements of a past life — particularly those elements that are impacting you in this current lifetime.  We all have challenges, and you had challenges in every one of your lifetimes. Some of those challenges weren’t resolved in those past lifetimes so they’ve been carried over to this one.

If there are mistakes that you make over and over again that you don’t understand, the answer may not lie in your current life but in a past life. A past life regression can help to root that out.

Another way that a past life regression can help you is by giving you some insight into other relationships in your life. Sometimes people are able to identify the role that loved ones played in past lives. For example, you might learn through a past life regression that your best friend was your spouse in a past life. By discovering the roles that others played in your life in past lifetimes, it may help you to understand the challenges facing those relationships today. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.