Can our pets share our past lives?

If you have a pet, you know how strong that connection can be between you and your furry friend. But can the link between you and your pet transcend this lifetime? Yes, it can. Your pet may, in fact, have shared a past life with you.

Many people have had the experience of going to adopt a pet and having one particular cat or a puppy seem to already know them. Or what about the person who notices a stray dog or cat hanging around their house or even following them around. These animals sense that they already have formed a bond with the person and they’re immediately comfortable in the person’s presence.

How can you tell if your pet shares a past life with you?

–You understand instinctively what your pet wants and needs.

–You feel immediately like you’ve known your pet your entire life.

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–You feel like you and your pet have a telepathic connection or can carry on a conversation without words.

–Your pet immediately took a liking to you.

–Your pet did something to get your attention when you were pet-shopping. (My own cat tapped on the window at the pet adoption place when I was looking for a cat. She recognized me when I didn’t immediately recognize her.)

–You’ll have dreams or past life memories about your pet.

–Your pet will have an uncanny way of understanding your feelings and emotions. For example, he or she may sidle up to you when you’re feeling particularly blue.

–Your pet will have strong reactions to the people in your life. (Since we often share past lives with those who are in our current lives, our pets likely remember them too. Always pay attention to your pet’s reaction to those around you. Not only might they remember the person from a previous lifetime, but pets are very good about following their intuition and trusting it). may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.