Can a psychic attack be deliberate?

In the past we’ve talked about the unpleasant situation of psychic attacks — experiences in which someone¬†uses supernatural or psychic energy to attack or intrude upon your energy or your aura. A psychic attack can leave you feeling drained, fatigued and even violated. Often, one will launch a psychic attack without even realizing that they have done it.

psychic attackIf someone is frequently thinking negative thoughts about you, those thoughts can affect the way you feel if you don’t protect yourself from them. Someone could be jealous of you at work and wish that you would mess up on a project. Or someone could be in love with your romantic partner and wish you ill-will so they can be with him or her. While that person might think their thoughts are harmless, in reality, those thoughts can enter your energy.

However, more disturbingly, a psychic attack can also be deliberate. Someone who knows a little bit about telepathy or the power of psychic attacks could attempt to use that esoteric knowledge against you. Yes, that’s what we refer to as black magic. And for the person who practices it, there is no happy ending because karma will eventually catch up with them.

Remember, thoughts are powerful and thoughts are things. Someone who knows that and understands how energy works can use that knowledge to attempt to weaken a perceived enemy– in this case you.

Sometimes people who are new to the idea of magic seek to use it to gain power over people. Others turn to it in the first place as a way to get their way with people. While an understanding of magical principles can enhance your life and help you to get more of what you want, using them to wield control over other people will never work.

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But the good news is that you can protect yourself from psychic attack.  You can use candle magic to prevent a psychic attack. You can wear crystals designed to guard against negative energy. Black tourmaline might be a good choice. You can also pray to your Spirit Guides asking for spiritual protection. Another thing you can do is visualize yourself surrounded by a white light and make the affirmation that no one can enter your auric field without your permission.

Mirrors can also be helpful. If you suspect that someone is launching a psychic attack against you, place mirrors at windows and other points of entry so that they can reflect outward and send negative energy back to where it came from. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


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