Signs you may be under psychic attack

There are positives and negatives to every situation. While intuition and other forms of psychic activity can help you to make decisions and move forward in your life, psychic activity can also be used to slow you down and impede your progress. A psychic attack is a situation in which someone uses supernatural or psychic energy to attack your energy or your aura without your permission.

While the concept of a psychic attack may conjure up images of curses and voodoo spells, the truth is that you can experience signs of a psychic attack if someone is simply directing negative thoughts and intentions toward you. Thoughts are things, and just as you can be uplifted if someone is sending you love and light, you can be weighed down if someone is sending you negative energy. It’s also important to note that the person who is sending the negative energy may not be intending ill will. Often people who love us will send us negative psychic energy when they’re worried about us, angry with us or simply mishandling their own challenging emotions about life.

You don’t have to be physically in the company of someone to be on the receiving end of their psychic attack, but if you notice that you feel worse whenever you’re around a certain person, trust your intuition and do what you can to stay away. Signs that you may be on the receiving end of a psychic attack are:

Confusion. You find it difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing and you have a difficult time making decisions, particularly when you’re not normally an indecisive person.

You’re Feeling Drained. It’s easy to figure out your gut feelings about someone. Pay attention to your energy level when you’re around them. Rather than ignoring the signs or labeling yourself as moody, accept what your intuition is telling you. If you feel drained, as if someone is literally sucking your life force from you, they probably are.

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You’re Not Yourself. You know what’s normal for you and you know how you typically feel. When you find yourself feeling different for an extended period of time and you can’t figure out why, you may be under psychic attack.

You find yourself beholden to another person. If you realize that you’re being controlled mentally or emotionally by another person, they may have you in their psychic grip. One of the signs of this is if you constantly make decisions you don’t want to make in order to please another person. If you’re a people-pleaser in general, and put everyone’s needs before your own, that’s likely not a sign of psychic attack; rather it’s a sign that you need to build better boundaries and learn to say no. But if there’s one particular person that you can’t say ‘no’ to, you may be a victim of psychic attack. Luckily, there are ways to prevent an attack may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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