Can Someone Manipulate You With Your Akashic Records?

It can be exciting to first learn about the Akashic Records — an energetic blueprint of everything that your soul has ever experienced (and will experience) since life began. The Akashic Records have past life, present life and future life memories and lessons; your personal spiritual insights; and all of the obstacles, intentions, failures and successes you have ever had. Who wouldn’t want to access Akashic Records? Imagine what you could do with that information! Now, imagine what someone else could do with that information. That’s not necessarily a pretty thought.

access akashic recordsFor someone who wants to be more self-aware and who wants to understand their purpose in life and their place in the Universe, the Akashic Records are the greatest source of information you can find.  But if someone wants to manipulate you, the Akashic Records would provide them with the right buttons to push, your weaknesses and every other piece of information that could help them to hurt you. It’s worse than having someone discover your diary; it’s as if you have someone reading every thought, impulse, and emotion you’ve ever had in your entire lifetime.

How access to the Akashic Records is protected

Luckily, you don’t really have to worry about that. There is something of a safeguard with the Akashic Records. They can only be accessed by someone who has good intentions at heart. If someone goes into the Akashic Records seeking to find out information so they can manipulate another person, they would likely become so confused that they wouldn’t be able to understand the information that they craved.

The same goes with you. You should never seek to enter the Akashic Records in order to find out information about someone. For example, it’s not cool to go seeking out information about someone you’re dating or even a spouse. I personally think it’s not even cool to go searching for the information about a family member — even a child. The Akashic Records are such a personal and powerful source of information that it should be up to the person to decide whether they want to share their Records with you or not.

When you might be able to see someone else’s Akashic Records

There is a caveat. You can find out about someone else’s Akashic Records if that information pertains to you too. For example, I experienced a Group Akashic Record reading where I learned that the group of people in my psychic development circle has been connected in previous lifetimes. (You can read about that reading here.) However, I only learned about the parts of their Records that I was connected to. I wasn’t able to find out all of their lessons and challenges and victories (unless they chose to share that information with me).

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Even psychics who specialize in reading the Akashic Records access the Akashic Records with your permission, so it’s not like someone is simply arbitrarily deciding to read the core lessons of your life.

You’ll have more success accessing the Akashic Records if your intentions are pure. If you want to find out more about yourself or you want to understand the most important spiritual lessons you’re meant to learn, you’ll likely have an easier time getting the information  that you want. But if you’re not clear about why you want to access your Records or, again, you want to find out information about someone else, chances are you will be blocked. Here’s more where we’ve written about ways to access your Akashic Records. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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