Signs You are in Love With a False Twin Flame

If you are one of the many people searching for your twin flame, you may be devastated by the idea of happening upon a false twin flame.

false twin flameIf you’re not familiar with the concept, a twin flame is literally the other half of your soul, which has incarnated separately from you in order to work on different goals and challenges. You can learn more about twin flames and how they differ from soulmates here. The bottom line about a twin flame connection: It is a mirror to your soul and it is one of the most intense and fulfilling relationships you can have. So what, then, is a false twin flame?

A false twin flame relationship is one in which you meet someone and you believe that person to be your twin flame. All is going great until suddenly you get the rude awakening that they are not your twin flame after all. You may meet the person and they may pass the twin flame eye test, meaning you feel like you recognize them when you gaze into their eyes. Then you may have so much in common and feel like you’ve known them forever. The connection may be deeper than any connection you have ever known, and you may be convinced that this person is the one you’ve always been waiting for. However, you won’t be fooled for long, as over time, it becomes rather easy to determine that you’re dealing with a false twin flame.

False Twin Flame Signs and Signals

So what are the signs that you’re dealing with a false twin flame?

You’re growing in the wrong direction. Real twin flame relationships will always help you to grow and evolve. Real twin flame bonds are spiritual relationships that are designed to further your evolution AND to increase the vibration of the Universe. That’s not to say that twin flame relationships don’t have their share of challenges. However, if a person is causing you to be a weaker, less healthier version of yourself, you’re dealing with a false twin flame.

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The relationship is codependent. One reason that twin flame connections seem so rare is because you (and your twin flame) each have to have evolved to a certain point to be able to embark on a relationship together. Also, one of the many reasons twin flames are here is to teach you true unconditional love. Codependency and true love do not exist on the same vibration. If you’re attracting a codependent relationship into your life, you’re not on the same vibrational wavelength as your twin flame.

You ‘know’ there is someone else for you. If you’re with someone and you have the unshakeable knowing that you’re meant to be with someone else, your soul is trying to tell you something.  When you are with your twin flame, you’re not going to be feeling the urge to connect with someone else. The twin flame connection is that strong.

The relationship is abusive. If you’re being abused or you’re the abuser, you are not with your twin flame. Again, twin flame relationships happen at high vibrational levels. You must do a lot of self-healing and evolving to get to the place where you will attract your twin flame into your life. Abusive relationships can only take place at low vibrational levels. If the situation is abusive, get out of it. There is no way that is your twin flame.

Why You Should Not Worry About False Twin Flames

Some people worry about meeting a false twin flame, but there really is not a reason to worry. First of all, there is a purpose for every relationship, and often false twin flames will help to prepare us for the real twin flame relationship that is on the way. Secondly, when it’s time for you to reunite with a twin flame, you will.

If you’re particularly concerned about whether someone is a false twin flame or not, you might ask a psychic to give you a reading. Make sure you ask the psychic specifically about the person in your life who you are unsure about and see if he or she picks up on what type of connection the two of you truly have.

If you suspect someone is your twin flame, ask them their Sun sign because you may be able to spot your twin flame by his or her zodiac sign.

There are also steps you can take to attract your twin flame into your life fast.

False twin flames could also be soulmates, who are souls from the same soul group as you who tend to reincarnate together lifetime after lifetime. Soulmate relationships teach us important lessons and help us to heal our personal wounds. Soulmate relationships can even lead to very fulfilling lifelong romantic partnerships. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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