My Group Akashic Records Reading

Tonight a psychic development group I belong to was treated to a group Akashic Records reading. Our teacher brought the reader in for us to learn about the Records and experience them.  While I know a little bit about the Akashic Records, I had never experienced a reading before so I didn’t know what to expect.

What are the Akashic Records?

I like to think of the Akashic Records as a place where all of the answers of the Universe reside. I once went to the Library of Congress for information about my family tree since it contains so many records pertinent to people’s lives. The Akashic Records is like an energetic Library of Congress. Its records are accessed spiritually and energetically, and those records contain details of all of the lives our souls have experienced.

Akashic Records are like a spiritual library.

Imagine being able to look up your greatest challenges in a previous life. Or maybe you want to know if a person you are close to today played a role in your life many lifetimes ago. 

Perhaps you are wondering if your soul is living a parallel life right now? (If it is, you would find that life being recorded in the Akashic Records.) 

Or maybe you want to know if you are currently living on purpose. That information would likely be in the Akashic Records, as well. A visit to the Akashic Records can give you more understanding of your soul’s purpose and its entire journey over the course of every lifetime you experience. 

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Since you’re alive today and making choices on a daily basis that change the trajectory of your life, your Akashic Record is constantly changing to reflect the current path that your soul is on. 

What is a group Akashic Records reading?

Most of the information I’ve read about Akashic Records describe one-on-one readings. As I stated earlier, if you want to know some of the important lessons learned on your soul’s journey an Akashic Records reading can help you put things in perspective. I’d like to do an individual Akashic Records reading myself to learn more about my purpose in this lifetime, and why I’ve attracted some of the experiences that I have. 

However, tonight we had a group Akashic Records reading with the purpose of learning more about the group’s purpose and why we were all brought together.

Whenever a group forms, there is a spiritual meaning behind it. Our group has been meeting weekly to discuss topics related to spiritual development and to learn psychic development techniques under a master teacher. Sometimes members of groups have soul contracts in which they agreed before this lifetime to come together to learn certain lessons. Before the reading, we wondered if this might have been the case with us. 

How the Akashic Records reading went down

So here’s what happened when the reading began. As a group, we all closed our eyes and went into meditation with the intention of raising our collective energy and creating an atmosphere of openness and healing. The Akashic Records reader then led us on a guided meditation, asking us to visualize her approaching and opening the Akashic Records. Once the meditation was over, she said the Records were open and proceeded to tell us what she found. If you’re worried about the idea of someone else learning what’s in your Akashic Records and using that information to manipulate you, check out this blog post on accessing others’ Akashic Records.

The reader who offered the group session also allowed us to ask questions. These are some of the drops of wisdom that she gave us:

  • She told us we had all been together in previous lifetimes. Some of us had been together in multiple lifetimes; others of us might have come together in one other lifetime. The main idea she conveyed was that this was not our first time being together. 
  • She confirmed that we were all meant to be on the healing path. That insight made me feel like there is a force greater than me that prompts me, motivates me, and inspires me. When I’m learning about metaphysical topics, which is my passion, I’m doing so for a reason I might not yet understand. All I know is that I’m drawn to do it, and the reading confirmed that I’m on the right path. There’s an interesting side note to this. The people who attended the session tonight are all people who I feel connected to. There are other people who sometimes attend the class that I don’t feel a connection to. None of those people showed up for this particular session, which confirms my feelings about being connected to those who were in the session tonight. 
  • In the midst of this experience, I felt a sense of warmth and comfort. I had the distinct feeling that I was the beneficiary of healing energy. I could literally feel the healing energy pouring over my body. I felt that I was physically benefiting from the energy of the experience. 
  • The reader also emphasized that this group was continuing something that had been worked on during previous lives. She hinted that some of us would also work together in future lives. 

Yes we had been persecuted for our spiritual beliefs

Something else she told us resonated with me. She shared that all of us had been persecuted at some point in past lives for our spiritual beliefs. We’ve all heard stories of witches and healers being burned at the stake, or punished for exhibiting true spiritual power. The Akashic Records reader said we had all had experiences where we suffered dearly because of who we are. Yet the group was together again with the freedom to pursue our spiritual studies further. It was a nice reminder that nobody can hold spiritual evolution back.

Wrapping up the reading

When we were finished asking the reader questions, she took us back into the guided meditation and then she closed the Records, requesting that they be updated and protected. 

When we were finished, we all shared our thoughts about the experience. Our spiritual teacher told us she had seen the presence of our spirit guides while we were in meditation. While I had not seen anything, I felt protected and safe, and like I said earlier, I felt like healing energy was raining down on me. The reader said she had also seen the collective spirits of ancestors, spirit guides and many from other realms who were there to guide us and support us.

The whole experience was validation for me that I am meant to be in this group at this time. I’m not sure all of the reasons why — we didn’t learn that from the Akashic Records — but I think some answers aren’t meant to be had until we’re truly ready for them. Until then, I’ll keep learning with my group and enjoying watching our purpose together unfold. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.