Careers for Psychic Mediums

careers for psychic mediums

Just because you have a natural ability to communicate with dead people doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to give medium readings for a living. But there are other careers for psychic mediums — various jobs and activities you can take part in where you can utilize your gifts.

To those who can’t communicate with spirits, it may seem pretty cool to be a psychic medium. However,  many people run from their natural psychic abilities. I have a friend who is a natural psychic medium yet she gets spooked out whenever she senses that a spirit is making contact.

She first realized something was going on with her when she would see faces that others couldn’t see. She would be looking at a chair and BOOM!, she’d notice a face in the wooden arm. At first she wondered if she might be going crazy, but as she read about mediumship, took mediumship classes, and spoke with other psychic mediums she realized that she was just discovering her natural talents.

While she doesn’t have any interest in being a professional psychic medium, she finds herself drawn to other careers for psychic mediums. She found activities where she can more easily come in contact with those who have crossed over. For example, she volunteered to be on a bereavement committee with an organization she belongs to where one of her duties is to go to many funerals. She is also interested in working as a sales consultant for a cemetery (which are notorious for being a place where some spirits may hang out.)

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Other careers for psychic mediums, or jobs where you can use your mediumship are as follows:

Working as a hospice volunteer. Sometimes those who have crossed over will regularly visit their loved ones who are dying to give them comfort. In fact, it’s not unusual for someone who is dying to report having ‘dreamt about’ loved ones who have crossed over.

Working as a grief counselor. In many ways, psychic mediums help people with their grief because they often give messages to them from their loved ones and let people know that their deceased loved ones are ok. While it’s probably not a good idea for a grief counselor to tell a client that he or she can communicate with their loved one, a grief counselor may be able to intuitively know what to say to bring emotional relief.

Working as a nurse or nurse’s aid. Dying is a fact of life in hospitals. Again, it’s not unusual for spirits to be located in hospitals, whether they have recently crossed over or visiting someone who is soon to cross over.

If you find yourself drawn to these or other professions or activities where you’re frequently around those who have crossed over or where you may be frequently in touch with the Spirit world, you may, indeed be a psychic medium. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.