Child believes he was Chicago woman in past life

Sometimes we can get peeks inside of the phenomenon known as past lives when someone has a past life memory. When a child has such a memory, it can seem even more powerful since children don’t have the mental and emotional baggage that can cloud memories and thoughts. An Ohio boy named Luke had a past-life memory at the age of 2 that left his family and others who know the story convinced in the reality of reincarnation.

As a toddler, Luke started to name all of his toys and different miscellaneous objects “Pam.” When his mother asked him why that name, he said because he thought that was a nice name. Soon, however, he would mention things to his family such as “when I was a girl, I had black hair.” When his mother asked him what he was talking about, he said that he used to be Pam, and then he died and went to heaven and God pushed him back down to Earth. He said when he woke up, he was a baby named Luke.

Luckily Luke had a family that supported his memories. So many parents would have told the child to stop making up stories, and that could have been the first stage in the child closing off his or her psychic ability.

When Luke’s family questioned him further about his past life, he told them he had died jumping off of a building in a fire. He also remembered that as Pam, he had lived in Chicago. His mom Lisa did a search on fires in Chicago and came across a fire at the Paxton Hotel, which had occurred in March of 1993. When the fire struck, 19 people were killed, including a woman in her 30s named Pamela Robinson. As Lisa continued to research the event, she learned that Pamela had jumped from the building to her death.

Later Lisa got ahold of a picture of Pamela Robinson and showed it to Luke, along with other pictures of miscellaneous strangers. The idea was to see if he would recognize her and pick out the right person. Luke did even better. He pointed to the picture of Pamela and said he remembered when that picture was taken.

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Lisa reached out to Pamela Robinson’s family and found that Luke and Pamela shared some other similarities. For example, both liked Stevie Wonder. There were also some differences between the two, one of the biggest being that Pamela was an African American woman and Luke is a Caucasian child.

It does make one wonder about the differences we see among different races and ethnicities. If stories such as Luke’s story have anything to teach us, it’s that when you hate a person because of his or her race, you could be hating yourself in a previous or future┬álifetime. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.