Clairaudience vs Claircognizance: How to tell the difference

strengthen clairaudienceI was at lunch with one of my intuitive buddies and we got into a discussion about psychic abilities. I was telling her about the course I was working on that would help people discover their strongest ‘clair’ when we got into a discussion about claircognizance and clairaudience. We started talking about how to strengthen clairaudience and I realized through the conversation that those two psychic abilities sometimes spark confusion in people.

Both of them utilize mind power. Claircognizance means ‘clear knowing,’ and it’s the act of simply knowing psychic information without understanding how you know that information. Think of a lightbulb moment when you just know something is true but there is no logical source of that information.

Clairaudience, on the other hand, means ‘clear hearing,’ and it is the act of hearing psychic information.

When thoughts pop into your head giving you psychic information or a psychic message, that’s clairaudience.

When your spirit guides talk to you and give you information, that’s clairaudience.

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When you have a telepathic conversation with someone, that’s clairaudience.

When you experience clairaudience, you literally hear the answer in the form of words or sounds. When you experience claircognizance, you don’t hear the words; you simply know the information. When I meet someone and instantly know they are untrustworthy, that’s claircognizance. I haven’t seen anything, felt anything or heard anything to let me know that I should not trust this person; rather, I simply have knowledge that this person is not who he or she seems.

Similarly, you might hear someone say something and know instinctively that they are lying. Again, there is no reason that you know this information; it’s just a knowing that has popped into your head to guide you forward.

Can you be clairaudient and claircognizant?

The good thing about psychic abilities is that we are not limited to just one. Most of us have several different psychic abilities though we tend to be stronger in some than in others. My strongest psychic abilities happen to be clairaudience and claircognizance. Some people may find that they are strong in one but not in the other.

However, you can strengthen your psychic muscles.Signs You Are Clairaudient

Here are some ways to strengthen clairaudience:

Sit in silence and simply listen to your thoughts. Pay attention to what goes through your mind. See if you notice some thoughts that don’t seem like the others. This could be a telepathic thought.

Go to a public place such as a Starbucks and sit where you can watch people come and go. See what thoughts pop into your head as different people come in and go out.

Get out your headset and put on your favorite music. Choose one instrument and follow that instrument throughout the song while blocking out other instruments and arrangements of that piece of music. As your listening skills improve ¬†you’ll strengthen clairaudience.

Here are some ways to strengthen claircognizance:

Step up your meditation. Claircognizance is connected to our crown chakra, which is found at the top of our heads. Our crown chakra opens us up to our connection to God, the Universe or whatever you call the higher power. Meditation helps to strengthen that connection.

Balance your crown chakra. If your crown chakra is blocked, that will impede your ability to experience claircognizance, or even if you do experience it, you may not recognize it. In addition to meditating, journaling, affirmations, and healing jewelry can help you to balance your chakras.

Practice automatic writing. One of the best ways to channel information gleaned from claircognizance is through automatic writing. When you practice automatic writing, you write without thinking about what you are going to put down on the paper. The information comes straight from your higher self, which comes from that Universal Power.

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