Common Past Life Fears That Can Hurt You Today

Having a past life regression may sound like a cool and mind-blowing thing to do. But there is a practical reason to explore your past lives. We often bring past life fears from one lifetime to another. Those fears could be keeping you from moving forward today.

past life fearsHave you ever had an issue in your life that you didn’t understand? Perhaps you keep making the same mistake over and over again. Or maybe you freeze in certain circumstances and find it impossible to move forward?

A past life fear can be the culprit that’s holding you back. Here are some common past life fears that can throw a monkey wrench in your life today.

A fear of persecution or judgment

Most of us know on some level that we shouldn’t care what others think. However, some of us may find it impossible to make choices in our lives without fearing the repercussions. This could lead from a past life experience of being judged or persecuted and having that experience lead to dire consequences.

Many people in past times were persecuted for their beliefs, whether they be spiritual, political or ideological. Think about the Salem Witch Trials and other events in history where people were killed or imprisoned because of their faith. If you had a past life in which you were hurt because of your beliefs, you may be afraid to do anything that brings attention to yourself in this lifetime. This could show itself through a fear of public speaking, a fear of being noticed or even a fear of success. If you prefer to stay in the background, you may be subconsciously holding onto past life fears that you’ll be discovered and persecuted.

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A fear of loss

Loss is a part of life. We all will experience losses throughout our lives. But if you had a past life in which loss played a larger role than usual, you may now have a past life fear of losing the things that matter the most to you. You may have lost a love in a past life that continues to haunt you today.

Someone with this past life fear may cling to people or possessions. They may become a hoarder. They be overly controlling. They may be so clingy in their relationships that they end up pushing the people in their lives away (which ironically brings about the loss they were trying so hard to avoid).

A fear of intimacy

We’ve all met people who fear getting close to others. (Or perhaps that fear is one that resonates with you.) Some people don’t want to feel vulnerable, so they put walls up between themselves and others. They may only let people get so close to them before pushing them away.

The tendency to withdraw and avoid intimacy could be a result of past life fears. If in a past life a person was betrayed by a loved one, he or she could carry that fear into their current life. Rather than take the chance of being betrayed again, they keep others at arms length. Another past life experience that could lead to this fear is an extreme loss that the person never got over. Rather than experience that pain again, they may subconsciously fear intimacy so they don’t have to even worry about the possibility of losing someone again.

A fear of rejection

Everyone wants to belong, but some people have such an extreme fear of rejection that it rules their actions and choices. If you’re so afraid that others will reject you, you may fail to take chances in your life. You may avoid following your dreams or doing something that goes against the grain.

Perhaps you want to live an unconventional life and become a singer but your family expects you to get married, have kids and find a 9-f job like everyone else in the family. A fear of rejection could keep you from following your dream.

This fear could stem from a past life experience of being ex-communicated from your tribe or community. It could also stem from having a family turn its back on you. The pain of being rejected an abandoned could keep you trapped in a life that you currently hate.

Past life fears: The power of facing them

These are only a few of the common fears that people tend to bring from one lifetime to the next. There are others, such as the fear of death and the fear of abandonment. In fact, probably any fear you could have in this lifetime could have originated in a past life.

Taking the time to explore your past lives can be illuminating. Not only can it help you to put some of your past life fears into perspective, but can help you understand why you repeat certain actions over and over again in your current life. Once you have more insight into your behaviors, you can make changes that can change your life for the better. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


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