Can Past Life Regression Therapy Help Your Love Life?

Most people value the idea of having a healthy and fulfilling romantic life. What if there was an action you could take to increase your odds of achieving that? Couples therapy may work, but another option to consider is past life regression therapy.

past life regression therapyIf you know anything about psychology, you know that events from our past can influence the decisions we make and actions we take today. However, we also can be influenced by our past lives. Unfinished business and issues we never healed from can keep cropping up in our current lives so we can deal with them.

How a past life can affect your love life

Wondering how a past life can affect your love life today? Consider the following past life stories:

A person who lost the love of their life in a past life and never got over it might avoid relationships in a current life because they don’t want to experience such pain. As a result, that person may go from relationship to relationship or have trouble connecting with others.

A person who was denied the ability to make choices about romantic relationships in a past life may choose to have relationships with a lot of people in a current life as a way to experience freedom he or she didn’t have in the past.

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A person who betrayed a lover in a past life may carry over guilt in a current life and sabotage his or her current relationships.

A couple who had a toxic relationship in a past life could be continuing to engage in toxic behaviors in a current life.

In all of these cases the person has the opportunity to heal past issues and make changes to improve their current life.

How past life regression therapy can help

Past life regression therapy allows you to examine your past lives in a professionally guided way. You may remember past life memories or even feel some of the feelings that you experienced in a past life.

What to expect from a past life regression

There is nothing to fear from a past life regression. Typically, you’ll be led through a guided meditation or hypnosis into a relaxed state. Some people fear that they will lose control when they undergo past life regression, but that’s not the case at all. You’ll be relaxed and prompted to go back in time and experience what your mind wants you to experience. You won’t lose control of yourself or get ‘lost’ in a past life.

Past life regression can be like watching a movie or reading a novel. You may see images from your past life such as a place or people you knew or loved. Perhaps you notice that you are wearing clothing from a different era. You may remember experiences that happened to you. You may recognize people who are in your current life.

How your current relationships may change

If you are using past life regression therapy to shed light on your love life, you can set the intention to remember past relationships. Trust what comes to your mind and ask yourself: Were you happy? Were you old or young during that relationship? Were there problems in that relationship? What are you meant to learn from your past life relationships?

One of the tactics that past life regression therapists sometimes use is to have you move forward with a memory. For example, you might have a past life memory of a relationship when you were a young woman. The therapist may then guide you to move forward ten years in time and ask what you see. Is the relationship still going on? If so, how has it changed?

The experience can make big changes in your relationship today. After a past life regression therapy, you may notice that you had habits or experienced patterns in your relationships that are still going on today.

Just the act of understanding the underlying actions of your past can give you a new appreciation for your current relationship choices.

You may even be able to make changes that you had trouble making in the past. As you work through your current relationship challenges, you can look to the past life session to give you more insight as you move forward to a more fulfilling life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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