Crystals to Help You Get Through Family Holidays

Updated November 25, 2019

crystals family holiday Nobody likes to admit this, but family gatherings during the holidays aren’t always fun. In fact, they can be downright stressful.  Particularly when we have strained relationships with a family member or two.

Yes, the holidays are that time of year when we’re around people we don’t normally see. There’s the the uncle who always starts arguments, the cousins with the different political views and the nosy relatives asking question after question about your personal life.

Luckily you can turn to a little bit of metaphysical mojo to help keep you grounded and ensure that the lines of communication remain open and pleasant.

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Yes crystals can help soothe family drama

Crystals contain minerals that can shift our energy and vibration. They can raise our spirits, calm us, comfort us and help to heal us. If you’re stressed out about family holidays with your loved ones, here are three crystals that can help you feel better no matter what your family dynamic.

Carnelian. This crystal is one of my favorite pick-me-ups. If you’re dreading dinner with the family, this crystal can help you feel energized so that you can take part in family conversations and truly be engaged.  If you’re tired or feel your energy starting to fade, carnelian can also give you a second boost. Yet it’s also very grounding, so you’re likely to feel supported regardless of what’s going on at the dining room table around you.

Hematite. If your family makes you feel anxious, look to hematite to calm your nerves. It’s known for boosting one’s confidence and it’s also useful for grounding. If you sometimes find yourself getting upset with or arguing with family members, this crystal may help you to keep your cool. You might wear a piece of hematite jewelry or you may even have a large cluster of hematite that you can place in the room where your family is gathered. That way everyone in the room would be able to benefit from hematite’s calming energy.

Citrine. One of my favorite crystals, citrine is known for abundance, but it’s also useful for calming family discord, according to Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible. Citrine lifts the energy of a room and if you have some citrine to place strategically around your family gathering, you can possibly help to keep the conversation light.

Brown Tourmaline. This grounding crystal is known for helping to smooth out family dysfunction and can help us to heal from those deep emotional wounds inflicted by family members. If your family has some deep-seated issues that you’d like to heal, brown tourmaline is a good crystal to have. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.