Full Moon in Gemini: 4 Ways it May Affect You

full moon in geminiNovember 23, 2018 marks the Full Moon in Gemini.

Traditionally, Full Moons are a time of heightened spiritual and mental power. Those seeds planted during the previous New Moon are beginning to yield their fruit. Your psychic ability may be stronger than at other times so paying attention to insights and intuition can be more beneficial at this time than at other times.

Yet, no two Full Moons are exactly alike. Every Full Moon falls under a specific Zodiac Sign, which can affect how that Full Moon shows up for you. This month the Full Moon falls in Gemini. Here are some ways that it may affect you.

Introspection may not be your thing.

Gemini’s focus isn’t on being alone with your thoughts. While some Full Moons are known for inspiring stillness and introspection (like those under the broody signs Pisces and Scorpio), this one likely won’t. Gemini is one of the most talkative signs in the zodiac and many Geminis find it easy to talk to just about anyone. With that energy in place for the Full Moon, don’t be surprised if your attention is drawn to everything that’s going on around you rather than the thoughts and feelings that are brewing up inside of you.

On the bright side, that can be helpful if you are visiting relatives for the holidays (celebrating the American Thanksgiving) or have to interact with more people than usual.

But there’s a potential curveball in all of this….

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The Impact of Mercury Retro.

Full Moons don’t occur in a vacuum. This Full Moon in Gemini will be taking place during a period when the planet of communication, Mercury, is in retrograde. So the Full Moon in Gemini may have you wanting to interact with more people than usual, but Mercury Retrograde has the potential to cause miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Keep that in mind as you feel that Full-Moon-in-Gemini-inspired urge to talk to others. Don’t be so quick to take offense at what you hear; don’t assume that that statement was an insult or that a comment was a slight. If you can, you might want to avoid communicating via text or social media for a few days. Face to face and voice to voice conversations can provide more clarity when Mercury Retrograde is stacking the deck against you.

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Your attention span may not be up to par.

Gemini is also known for taking a scattered approach to energy. If there’s any sign that sings the virtues of multi-tasking, it’s Gemini so don’t be surprised if you find yourself bouncing around from idea to idea. Unfortunately, that means you might not get as much done during this Full Moon period as you would like. Be gentle with yourself and recognize that there is a time for everything. Your focus will return again. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of studying astrology is that it allows you to figure out the best times to act and the best times to be still.

Take restlessness in stride.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit restless as this Full Moon kicks in. A side effect of scattered energy is confusion over where you should next place your energy. This probably isn’t a good time to start creating to-do lists. If you can, be still and wait for this intense period to end. Once the Moon begins to wane, you’ll likely feel the heightened energy begin to lessen its hold.

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