Dangers of Opening Chakras Too Fast

You’ve learned about chakras and the body’s natural energy centers. Now you want to make sure your chakras are open. Great idea! But before you start looking up exercises to open your chakras, consider the dangers of opening chakras too fast.

dangers of opening chakrasThere are so many reasons to focus on our chakras and make sure they are open. An open and balanced heart chakra helps us with our relationships. An open fifth chakra helps us to speak our truth. An open third eye helps us to be more intuitive and make better decisions in our lives. It is a good thing to make chakra health a priority. But moving too fast can have unwanted consequences.

When we open our chakras, we invite more energy into our lives. Blocked chakras cause energy to become stagnant and it doesn’t pass freely through and around us. We always want to remove blockages but sometimes we need to do it gradually. When we open our chakras quickly, we might not be ready to take on the increased energy that is available to us.

Dangers of opening chakras: What can happen

So what can happen if you open your chakras too fast? It depends on the chakra, and the amount of energy you’re working with. Think about each chakra and what it adds to your life.

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For example, your heart chakra controls your ability to love freely. If you have a blocked heart chakra, you may avoid relationships, cut them off prematurely or be unable to give and receive love — and anything else — freely. If you open your heart chakra too quickly, you could experience a rush of energy that overwhelms you and leads your heart chakra to become overactive. You might then go to the other extreme, becoming too needy in relationships. Or you might find yourself attaching to people prematurely. Can you see that an overactive chakra is no better than a blocked chakra?

Another example could be your third eye, or sixth chakra. If you have a blocked sixth chakra, you may be out of touch with your intuition. You may depend too much on logic and fail to utilize your gut instincts. Opening this chakra might seem like a great idea. But if you open your sixth chakra too quickly, the rush of energy could overwhelm you in a different way. You may experience your intuition in a way that scares you. Maybe you suddenly have new psychic abilities that you can’t turn off. Maybe you realize you are a medium and can’t stop spirits from communicating with you. Again, the overactivity of your sixth chakra can be just as tough to deal with as a blocked third eye.

How to keep a healthy balance

If you’re worried about the dangers of opening chakras too quickly, the answer isn’t to avoid opening your chakras at all. Rather, the answer is to open them slowly. Slow and steady always wins the race.

Ignore anything or anyone that tells you how to open your chakras quickly. Be patient. Trust that your chakras will open in time without you having to go to any extremes to open them.

Meditation is a great way to bring healing energy to your chakras in a way that is not overwhelming.  Prayer can also help as you set the intention to experience healing of your chakras.

Working with colors can help you to balance your chakras — including the colors of your wardrobe.  (Read: How Your Fashion Sense Can Help With Chakra Balancing)

A favorite option of mine is working with Chakra Oracle cards. Read my review of my favorite chakra healing deck.

Healing is a slow process and opening your chakras is a healing process. Allow it to happen in its own time and you will see a difference in your life that won’t overwhelm you.

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