Dreams of being chased: What do they mean

If you’ve had dreams about being chased, you’re not alone. Many people wake up drenched in sweat wondering what their dream was trying to tell them. Some people are chased by other people in their dreams, while others are chased by animals or entities they are unfamiliar with. Here are a couple of theories of what such dreams might mean.

Being chased by humans. There are a number of theories that when you dream about being chased by humans, then it means that the unconscious part of you is telling you that you are either avoiding issues or a particular person. In such dreams, context is of great importance. Can you identify the chaser? Is a female or male? If you know who the chaser is, that might shed insight on who or what you are trying to avoid.

Another theory is  that such dreams represent running away from the truth. Some believe it also indicates a subconscious feeling of being trapped in the daily grind of life and wanting to escape. You may also be feeling insecure, inadequate or as if you have failed at something. Many factors will determine the meaning of such dreams.

Being chased by animals. When you are being pursued by an angry tiger, lion or emu, it is believed by many to symbolize a part of your nature that  you are repressing. Some believe that the subconscious part of you has taken all the bad feelings and projected them onto a wild animal. Others believe that the animal represents a part of yourself that wants to be empowered. For example, if a bear chases you in a dream it could indicate that the bear wants to give you its power or its protection. (Some believe that if an animal bites you or eats you in a dream, that animal has transferred its power to you.)

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The pace at which you are running also has a meaning. For instance, in dreams where you are running away in slow motion it could mean that you are being given an opportunity to plan an escape route. However, being stuck to the ground or glued down could mean that you have to confront the issue at hand.

Generally, being unable to run away from your chaser means that you are frozen internally and there is nothing you can do. Being stuck in quicksand implies that escape is pointless. So no matter how much you avoid it, you will just have to deal with it. And that can be an empowering thing because it shows that you have it within you to deal with the issue that is at hand.

Being chased by an unknown entity. Some believe that the act of being chased by an unknown entity means that there is a part of your subconscious that you have not acknowledged that is begging to be released. The unknown entity in reality is a part of yourself that you may be afraid of. Consider whether you are avoiding dealing with a certain issue or a certain feeling that has been plaguing you. By making friends with your shadow self, you may realize that the dream was one of the greatest gifts you could receive.

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