What are counterpart selves?

One of the most interesting concepts around  is that of ‘counterpart selves.’ Many people have heard of soulmates, but counterpart selves are a slightly different concept.

One way to explain it is to think of the concept of twins. Twins share the same DNA. Identical twins come from the same egg, yet they are two distinct personalities. Counterpart selves are beings that come from the same psychic or soul matter and splinter into different individual personalities.

Your counterpart selves share the same psychic or soul matter as you, yet they are having a different experience in the world. Those who study the concept say that it is possible for you and several counterpart selves to be living at the same time. In fact, Dr. Joseph Mancini Jr., a certified clinical hypnotherapist, says we typically have three or four counterpart selves living at any given time.

According to Mancini, these counterpart selves typically are working on the same issue so the soul can gather information from many angles. For example, one counterpart self might be struggling with the issue of racism and be a White man who is a member of a hate group. Another counterpart self may be a Latino woman who feels discriminated against. Yet another counterpart self may be a sociologist who studies the impact of racism on various groups. All of these counterpart selves are delving into the issue of racism, yet they are each doing it from a different perspective. Their collective work contributes to the spiritual evolution of them all.

It’s possible for counterpart selves to cross paths and know one another. You might have a counterpart self who is a part of your family or who is a good friend of yours. While you might assume you’d recognize your counterpart self, it’s not a given. Not only might you meet a counterpart self and have no recognition of him or her, but you might meet a counterpart self and have a strong dislike for that person.

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