Ending a Relationship? Use Full Moon Water to Break Psychic Cords

break psychic cordsWe’ve all heard the saying: some relationships are for a reason, some are for a season and some are for a lifetime. The lifetime ones are great, but the reason and season relationships can cause heartache when they end.

One reason there’s pain when relationships end is because there are literally energetic connections, or psychic cords, between us and our loved ones. As we get close to people, our auras open up to them and these cords connect us to them. It’s not something that we do consciously. These cords grow as we allow our energy to merge with that of our loved ones.

Living with psychic cords

So what can it feel like to have psychic cords with someone?

  • We may be able to have telepathic conversations with them
  • We may be able to pick up on their thoughts telepathically
  • They may be able to pick up on our thoughts telepathically
  • We may be able to sense their feelings even when they don’t share them
  • We may feel energized when we are around them
  • We may feel drained when we interact with them

Psychic cords can be comforting when we are in healthy relationships. They help us to feel closer to the person we’re connected with. However, if you’re ending a relationship, psychic cords can keep you from moving on.

Psychic cords after a breakup

There is a major reason why we should break the psychic cords that connect us to someone we’ve broken up with or ended a relationship with. Being connected with someone can keep you from manifesting new relationships. If you’re connected to someone energetically you send a message to the Universe that your romantic plate is full. That could keep you from attracting someone new.

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It can also keep you from moving forward. If you have psychic cords connecting you to an ex, you may find yourself thinking about him or her all the time, or you could even feel depressed and down because you’re still longing for the relationship.

Psychic cords can also keep you in pain after a relationship is over. Psychic cords sometimes go from our heart chakra to the heart chakra of a loved one. When we end a relationship, we could experience pain until we’ve made a clean energetic break.
Luckily, we have some control over who we’re energetically connected to. We can cut the cords.

A full moon water ritual to break psychic cords

So here’s a ritual to help you break psychic cords with a loved one.

To prepare for this ritual you must wait for the next full moon. Full moons are good times to release things we no longer want in our lives so if we want to break cords, this is the perfect energy for it. Fill a glass jar with water and place it outside under the full moon. Set the intention that the water you create be charged with the power of the full moon. Allow the water to sit outside overnight for either one or two nights.

Once you have your water, you want to find something that represents the person you’re cutting the cords with. Ideally, it would be something they gave you or something that belongs to them. You can also use something that reminds you of them such as a picture or other memento. The item you choose must be something that can get wet because you’re going to soak it in the full moon water. Before doing so, set the intention that the full moon water cleanse the energetic connection between you and the person you had the breakup with. Allow the item to soak in the water for a day or two, and that’s it.

Don’t be surprised if you experience some closure between you and the person within a month or so.

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