Frequent mood swings? You might be an empath

If you’re someone that is prone to mood swings, you may want to take a second look at your emotions — or whether or not they are even yours.

Empaths are people who feel the emotions of others. This goes beyond the concept of having sympathy or even empathy for someone. When you are an empath, you physically experience what those around you are feeling.

If you’re an empath and you are around someone who is angry, you may find yourself getting upset for no particular reason. On the flip side, an empath that is surrounded by people who are joyous and happy will benefit from feeling those emotions as well.

If you notice that your moods change a lot, pay attention to what’s going on around you when your emotions switch from one to another. Did someone new enter the room? Did someone leave your presence? Are the people around you feeling the same way that you are feeling? It’s important to know whether the emotions you are feeling are yours because it’s easy for an empath to take on other people’s emotional baggage, which can be detrimental to everyone involved.

Empaths may also notice that people with heavy moods or major problems will seek them out. Since empaths take on the heavy emotions of others, someone who is feeling bad might actually begin to feel better after spending time with the empath. They may feel like a load has been lifted off of their shoulders (because it literally has!)

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To determine whether your mood swings are a result of you being an empath:

Keep a journal of events that occurred prior to you experiencing a mood swing.

Try a change of scenery. When your mood changes, remove yourself from the people and the environment that you are currently in.

Set an intention to feel only emotions that belong to you. Simply close your eyes and tell yourself that you release all emotions that are not yours.

There are many benefits of being an empath. For example, you have great insight into people since you can literally put yourself into their shoes. But if you aren’t aware of your gift of empathy, mood swings can be the least of your worries. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.