4 things you should do before every psychic reading

Updated May 18, 2020

While there’s no right way to have a psychic reading, there are things you can do in preparation to get more out of the experience. With any experience, you get out of it what you put into it. If you put a little something into the experience of getting a psychic reading, you’re bound to come away with a more enlightening experience.

1. Clear as much mind clutter as you can. When a psychic works with you, he or she is tapping into your energy. If your mind is filled with all of the stressful experiences of the day, or you’re focusing on what you have to do next week, you’re lowering your vibration and making it more difficult for the psychic to connect. The best place you can be during a psychic reason is 100 percent present. Try to focus on your breathing and the experience at hand.

2. Come up with your questions. A survey by Mediumchat found that 22% said a psychic reading helped them make decisions. Some psychics will ask you what’s on your mind. Others might prefer to do a general psychic reading to see what comes up. Whether you plan to ask the psychics your questions or not, it’s a good idea to come up in your mind with the subjects you want addressed in the reading. Even if you don’t ask the psychic your question, chances are the topic will come up. Just bringing your questions to your awareness with start the ball rolling in terms of sparking an answer from the Universe.

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3. Have something to record the reading. When you’re getting a psychic reading, particularly a long one, it’s often difficult to remember everything that has been said. Certain parts of the reading may stand out to you. Other parts may seem like they are off base. But that doesn’t mean they will always seem that way.

It’s not unusual for someone to have a psychic reading done and to think that the psychic was totally wrong, only to realize six months or a year later that the psychic was right on target. Often psychics are seeing events and experiences that have not happened yet because they are picking up on the energy of it, which is already attached to you. If you have a recording of your psychic readings, you can listen to them at a later time and you just might get a different perspective on what you learned.

4. Be open to all answers. What’s the point of getting a psychic reading if you already think you have all of the answers. The best way to go into a psychic reading is to have an open mind and to be open to the possibilities. You may have preferences about how you want your life to go, but have faith that whatever happens in your life will be in your best interest.

A psychic reading can be an uplifting and illuminating experience. By taking the time to prepare your mind and your soul, you’ll come away with a much more rewarding reading.

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