Full Moon Ritual of Release: Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

full moon ritual

A full moon ritual for September’s Full Moon in Pisces.

Full moons are among the most magical times of the month, particularly when you want to eliminate something from your life. A full moon ritual can take advantage of that power.

You may know that the power of the new moon can help you to manifest those new things that you want in your life, such as new relationships, new ventures and new goals for a new year. But what about those things that we no longer want? That’s where full moon magick comes in.

The Full Moon in Pisces,  September 2, 2020 is a particularly good full moon to practice rituals fo release. Pisces is the last planet of the Zodiac and it symbolizes the end of a cycle as one prepares to start the next cycle with the sign of Aries.

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The power of endings

The full moon is a sign of completion. While we often dread endings, they are in fact necessary for life, and every ending paves the way for a new beginning. That new relationship that you’ve been dreaming about will be even better because of the lessons that you learned in your previous relationship. Are you mad with yourself because you allowed an ex to mistreat you? Well thanks to that experience, you’re now more protective of your boundaries. That is a cause for celebration.

And that new job that gives you more money and a better title was made possible because of the previous job that you listed on your resume. When you look at endings as powerful launching points to a greater tomorrow, you begin to appreciate them for the blessings that they are.

But endings must come before the new beginnings. You can’t start something new and be successful at it unless you’ve completed the cycle that came before. You won’t attract the ideal relationship as long as you are holding on to the wrong one. You won’t have a successful new job experience if you’re trying to straddle the new job with your old one. Endings are like rainbows. They are a sign that something better is to come.

Use the full moon to celebrate endings

The full moon gives us an opportunity to celebrate endings because we know that they are setting us up for to receive something that is great.

During full moon periods, that is a time for release — a time for us to celebrate letting go of those things in our life that no longer serve us. That could be a relationship that is no longer fulfilling, or a job that we have, or a friendship that has run its course. It could be old ideas about life that we no longer agree with. It could even be the extra holiday weight you’ve picked up that you want to let go of.

Full moon ritual of release

An easy full moon ritual involves writing down whatever it is that you want to release during the full moon period.

Wait until it’s dark and you can actually see the moon, as it will help you to visualize the moon’s power.

Once you’ve written down the names of people, beliefs, and experiences that you intend to release, burn the paper or bury it. Then thank  the Universe for bringing about these sacred endings.

At that point, exercise your faith and trust that there is nothing more to be done. During the following two weeks prior to the next new moon, visualize your life without those elements that you released.

When the next new moon arrives, you’ll be ready to begin calling in something new.

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