Signs of fraudulent psychics: Avoiding psychic scams

This blog purports that psychic ability is real. We all have it, we can all strengthen it, and it is a gift designed to help us better maneuver through life. Think about it. How many times can you point to a gut feeling that you had that you’re glad you listened to even if you didn’t understand why at the time? Our lives work better when we are in the flow and able to utilize our intuition.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some people who use psychic ability — fake psychic ability — to take advantage of people.

This New York Times article describes the phenomenon of ‘criminal psychics’ — those who are basically preying on vulnerable people and using their vulnerability to get them to come back for reading after reading after reading. One person described in the article ran up a $713,975 tab over the course of 20 months as a psychic promised to reunite him with a lost love even though the lost love had died!

Avoiding psychic scams

Some signs from the article that a psychic may be a fraud:

The psychic tells you that you have to come back. It’s one thing to enjoy an experience and decide on your own that you would like to repeat it. It’s something else entirely to have a psychic tell you that you must come back (and pay more money).

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The psychic tells you that you are in danger and only the psychic can help you.

The psychic tells you to bring in money so that it can be ‘cleansed’ and promises to return the money to you. (The article describes how it’s not unusual in cases like this for the psychics to never return the money.)

That’s not to say there are not many reputable psychics out there. In fact the article doesn’t denounce psychics as being frauds. It points to a few bad apples, and frankly, there are bad apples in every career. It’s just important for you to keep your eyes open and listen to your gut when you’re choosing a psychic. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

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