How psychic ability saved one woman’s life

I received an email from someone who has been working for the last couple of years on strengthening her psychic ability. While she’s been frustrated at times because she didn’t think she was picking up all that she should be picking up with her intuition, this story clearly shows that her intuition is strong and doing what it’s meant to do. According to her email:

I said  a prayer tonight and part of it was hearing messages. I haven’t heard them often but they are always timely when I do. I was laying in bed and something said get up, go to the basement and find your carbon monoxide alarm. I found it, put in fresh batteries and went back to bed. The alarm started going off like crazy so I took the battery out. A little time passed and a voice said to call the gas company. To make a long story short, they came and my house was at danger level as soon as they walked in.

There are important things to note with this story. One, the message was very subtle. Many people expect their intuition to show up like a burning bush when in reality, it’s often a small, still voice or a feeling that something is not right. I would also argue that this woman was picking up on the fact that something was wrong when she said her prayer in the first place. If you have the distinct impression that something is not right, pay attention.

Another thing that’s important is that you can ask for guidance. Ask and you shall receive. Whether you want to start receiving psychic messages or you need clarity on a message you have already received, you can get it simply by asking your Spirit Guides to help you.

Then it’s important to take action based on your psychic guidance. Had this woman ignored her intuition, it could have cost her and her family their lives. The messages she received weren’t really logical. She easily could have said, ‘why should I get up and find my carbon monoxide alarm?’ or she could have told herself she would do it in the morning. Luckily she did not.

By taking action on what she received through her psychic senses, she has strengthened her psychic ability. Every time we act based on our intuition, we build trust in it. We begin to have tangible memories of when our intuition was right so eventually even our logical minds can’t argue with us.

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