Should you consult multiple psychics?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been getting too many psychic readings or consulting too many psychics? If you’re even asking yourself the question, chances are on some level you may be questioning the wisdom of relying so much on outside sources for validation. We all have natural psychic ability and we all have the power to connect with Source energy to get our own answers.

With that said, we often get so attached to the outcomes that we want that it’s hard for us to discern our intuition from our ego-based desires. For example, if you really want your current relationship to work, you may be feeling like it’s destined to be when in fact it’s not your intuition telling you this but rather your strong desire for the outcome that you want.

For that reason, psychics can be extremely helpful in that they can provide a clearer channel to Universal wisdom. In fact, in all likelihood, a psychic reading may be validation for you, as it could simply be relaying information that you already instinctively know but are afraid to follow. With a good psychic reading, when you hear the information, you will be able to feel in your body whether it is correct. Your own intuition is always just as good as that of a professional psychic if you are able to clearly distinguish it from all of the chatter inside of your head.

So how many psychic readers or psychic readings are too many? There is really no right and wrong answer; it is a personal decision. However, there are some things you might want to keep in mind.

When choosing a psychic, it may take time to find someone that you are comfortable with. You may visit multiple psychics until you find one whose energy is in alignment with yours. Just because you don’t feel a connection to a particular psychic, that doesn’t mean that the person is a fraud. It just means that you aren’t vibing with that particular person. If you are not comfortable with a psychic, seek someone different. Ask your Spirit Guides to lead you to the perfect psychic reader for you.

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However, if you are seeing multiple psychics because none of them are telling you what you want to hear, it’s time for you to do some honest soul-searching. A psychic reading should be approached with openness. If you are going into it determined to hear what you want to hear, what is the point? If you visit a psychic, don’t like the answer and then visit another psychic, you may want to stop and do some inner soul searching. Ask yourself what you are looking for in the situation and pray for acceptance of what is going on currently in your life. Acceptance does not mean you don’t want it to change. Rather, acceptance allows you to be at peace even before the changes you want to occur take place.

Psychic readings can be enlightening and fun, but if you become too dependent upon them you may begin to trust your natural psychic ability even less. That would then put you at a disadvantage as your natural psychic ability is perhaps the greatest strength that you have. Click here to find out how you can strengthen your own natural psychic ability. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.