How to Find an Evidential Medium

evidential medium

I’ll admit I never thought about visiting with a psychic medium until after my father passed away. When you lose a loved one, I think it’s natural to want to reach out to them and speak to them again. So if someone claims to be able to help you do it, the temptation can be great. But so can the skepticism. Even when you really want to believe that a psychic medium can communicate with the dead and tell you what they are thinking, a part of you may wonder if you’re falling for some type of scam. One way to allay your concerns and satisfy your curiosity is to find a medium that practices evidential mediumship.

What is evidential mediumship

The term ‘evidential mediumship’ means just what it sounds like it means. It describes the practice of a medium who provides evidence that they are talking to your loved one before they begin giving you any message from that person. That means they prove to you that they’ve made a connection with the loved one by giving you facts that you and your deceased loved one would know.

I recently attended an evidential mediumship demonstration and two evidential mediums were giving messages to an auditorium full of people. One would say, “I’m communicating with an elderly woman and she’s showing me the state of Florida. She loved to cook and she died suddenly in a car accident.” The person in the audience who had a deceased loved one who fit that description would know that the message was for her. Only after the connection was acknowledged would the medium then tell the woman what her loved one wanted to tell her, which in this case was simply to say ‘I love you.’

While that’s one of the most common messages I’ve seen mediums share with people, I have seen cases where a deceased loved one would give their relative instructions about an heirloom or paperwork that nobody had yet discovered. So sometimes these sessions could have consequences that go beyond the emotional satisfaction they often bring.

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It’s important to understand that not every medium works this way, and just because a medium is not an evidential medium, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a fake. However, some may choose to work with an evidential medium in order to feel more trusting of the process.

Tips for choosing the right medium

You may find that there are places known for their medium activity. You may have heard of Lily Dale mediums. Lily Dale, NY is a city that bills itself as the ‘World’s Largest Center for the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spirtualism and it’s known for its large community of mediums.

These days, it’s easier to find psychics and mediums than in days past because many use the Internet to build their client base and market their services. An evidential medium will likely include the term in their branding because they recognize that it sets them apart from other mediums. Also, many evidential mediums go through extensive training to be able to come up with evidence so they’ll likely be proud of that and want potential customers to know about it. For example, John Holland, a well-known medium who has appeared on television shows such as Mediums: We See Dead People on A&E Biography Channel trained in the UK for two years in the early days of strengthening his craft.

You can also ask before you agree to a session. Simply ask, “Are you an evidential medium.” If they don’t know what that is, and having an evidential medium session is important to you, then you need to keep looking for the right person.

A good way to find someone is to get a word-of-mouth recommendation. If there’s a local metaphysical shop near you or a yoga studio you may find people who are open to the ideas of psychics and mediums who may be able to recommend someone. You may also get to see an evidential medium in action at a holistic expo or psychic fair. Sometimes they will do demonstrations in front of large groups. If you’re satisfied with what you see, you can then make an appointment to visit one at a later time.

What to expect from an evidential medium reading

If you’re going to have an individual reading from an evidential medium expect it to last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Some mediums offer services via Skype or phone. You may prefer to experience such an intimate reading in person.

These types of readings can get emotional. Think about it, you’re going with the intention of communicating with a loved one who you are not able to communicate with anymore. For that reason I’d recommend planning nothing for a couple hours after such a reading. You may want to process what you heard during the reading. The last thing you want to do is schedule such a reading on your lunch break and then head back to work.

Evidential medium readings aren’t cheap. They could cost upwards of $150 per hour. It really depends on the medium and how they price their work.

Ask beforehand if they allow you to record the session; you might not remember certain aspects and may want to play the recording again at a later time. If you can’t record it, bring a pad and pen and take notes. Often you’ll receive information that doesn’t make sense to you at the moment, but as time passes, it can provide clarity to your life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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