How to Find the Right Worry Stone

Worried about love, money, health or all of the above? The right worry stone can help keep you sane.

worry stones

A metaphysical cure for worrying

What is your biggest worry right now? For most of us, we can probably take our pick. There’s the coronavirus giving us concerns about our health. Then there is all this talk about small businesses closing and job losses, making us wonder if we will be able to keep our money straight.  

And just because we are in the midst of a global pandemic, that doesn’t mean our more mundane worries no longer exist. We still have concerns about our relationships. A lot of us are worried that we are not fulfilling our purpose. Then there are some of us who wonder if we are making the right impressions in our jobs. 

Since these worries are likely not going anywhere, we need a good way to handle them. Enter worry stones to fill the need.

What are worry stones?

Worry stones are just what they sound like — stones that you place between your thumb and index finger and rub your worries away. While any rock or stone can be a worry stone, I prefer using crystals that I have charged to take on that role. 

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Charging a crystal is easy. Here’s what to do

When you charge a crystal, you set an intention for how you want that particular crystal to help you. Say you want to use amethyst to help you have intuitive dreams. First, you want to cleanse the crystal. Click here to learn how to cleanse a crystal. After cleansing that piece of amethyst, you would charge it to set that intention. 

  • When charging a crystal, hold it in your hand and visualize what you want to happen as a result of using the crystal. In the example above, you might visualize yourself waking up after a good night’s sleep with the intuitive answer to one of your biggest dilemmas. 
  • You might also create a ritual around charging your crystal. Perhaps you play certain music while visualizing your intention. Some people also use essential oils during their charging rituals. They select an essential oil that has the same properties as the crystal. Then they add it to a carrier oil such as olive oil or jojoba oil and place a drop of the mixture on the crystals. 
  • When charging a crystal to act as a worry stone, I set the intention that the crystal absorbs my fears and other negative thoughts about the situation and replaces those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. If I’m worried about a romantic relationship, I might use a small piece of rose quartz as a worry stone and charge it to absorb my fears that the relationship will fail. I then replace those fears with thoughts and images of myself in a happy relationship. 

How to pick the right worry stone

When it comes to using crystals, I personally believe it is impossible to choose the wrong crystal if you use your intuition. Even if a crystal is not normally meant for the purpose you want to use it for, I believe your intuition is always right. It will always draw your attention to the crystal you need at that particular time.

But with that said, if you want some guidance on picking the right worry stone here it goes

See if you can try the crystal out. Since you’re going to be holding the crystal between your thumb and index finger, you want it to feel right in your hand. If you can get to a metaphysical store where there are plenty of crystals, see which one draws your eye and pick it up and see if you feel some energy coming from it.  

Side story, a friend of mine who is new to crystals was picking up different crystals and was amazed that when he held a piece of citrine he felt all this energy buzzing from it. Then when he handled other crystals, he felt nothing. That is an example of how a crystal makes it known that you need to work with it.

If you can’t get to a physical store to buy a crystal, you can still try one out by using Energy Muse’s crystal test. I absolutely love this test. Click here and see what crystals your eye is drawn to. You can select four crystals and the site will let you know what your intuition already realizes. I’ve been surprised several times when using this test because I realized my spirit wanted me to work on aspects of my life that I was not aware of. 

Find a crystal that is known for helping the situation you are worried about. If you are totally clueless about where to start, look up crystals that work on the issue that is worrying you. For example, if you have money fears, you might look for a piece of pyrite or citrine. If you are worried about relationships, you might try rhodonite or rhodocrosite.

If you want to learn more about crystals and what they are known for, one of my favorite books for looking up crystal meanings is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.