How to Identify the Sender of a Telepathic Message

It’s not always that evident

Learning to use telepathy isn’t always so cut and dry. Not only can it be challenging to get messages across from one person to another, but receiving them can be difficult as well, particularly when you’re just starting to pay attention to your telepathic abilities.

The truth is we are all telepathic and we all have instances when we know what one of our loved ones is thinking. The cynical side of us will likely say we know what our loved ones are thinking because we know how they think. However, I don’t believe it’s that simple. In many cases, I think we literally are picking up on what our loved ones are putting out energetically through their thoughts and through their feelings.

Start noticing how often you pick up the phone to call someone and they say they were just about to call you. Or notice when someone reaches out to you out of the blue after you mentioned them or thought about them. Often I will call my mother’s cell phone and she will say she didn’t hear it ringing because it was turned off, but something told her to check her phone at that moment. Instead of calling these types of experiences coincidences, consider that you sent a telepathic message either consciously or subconsciously and that is what led the person to reach out to you.

You’re a telepathic receiver; now what?

Some people are natural born senders and others are better receivers. (Click here for signs you are a telepathic receiver.) I’ve found that receivers often do not even realize they have been receiving telepathic messages. Instead, many chalk things up to coincidence and refrain from asking the deeper questions.

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But as you start paying attention to your thoughts, you’ll notice the pattern of how you think. And you’ll also notice when thoughts enter your mind that don’t fit the pattern of how you think. That’s the beginning of picking up on telepathic thoughts.

Sometimes it’s easy to determine who has been trying to reach you telepathically. It’s also important to understand that all telepathic messages that you receive aren’t sent consciously. Most of us are walking around in blinders and it’s pretty common for us to send thoughts and energy to others without even realizing what we’re doing. For example, if someone is thinking about you incessantly, you might pick up on those thoughts even if they’re not trying to let you know that you’re on their mind.

But what happens when you sense that someone is trying to communicate with you but you’re not sure who it is? I’ve heard cases in which people would dream about someone communicating with them and they knew something important was happening, but they could not identify the source of the communication. Here’s how to eliminate some of your confusion.

Getting telepathic wires uncrossed

So you’ve accepted the fact that you’re a telepathic receiver and you want to make sure you know whose messages you’re receiving. Here’s some guidance to keep in mind.

You probably know them

Unless you’re a very advanced telepath, you’ll likely pick up on messages from those you know and have a connection with. It’s easier for us to pick up on the telepathic thoughts of those we care about because our energy fields tend to be open to people we are comfortable with. With strangers, we tend to close our energy off so we’re not as likely to pick up on things.

Focus on the energy

Every person you meet has an energetic blueprint, and if you pay attention you’ll notice how that blueprint changes from person to person. Chances are you’ve felt it when someone creeps you out or causes your spidey senses to flare up. However, start noticing the subtle differences in people’s energy. When you receive a telepathic thought, you might sense the energy of the person who sent it.

Pay attention to what happens next

Often when someone reaches out to you telepathically, they may follow it up by reaching out to you in person. If you suspect someone reached out to you telepathically, be patient and see if you hear from them. If it’s someone you see regularly and you run into them, pay attention to whether they repeat anything in person that you picked up on telepathically. Going into meditation and asking for guidance about the experience could also bring about the answers that you’re looking for. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.