My Visitation From My Dead Father

Last night I had a dream that I woke up knowing was so much more. In the dream, I was with members of my family, including my father who has been deceased now for 15 years. We were all sitting around chatting and somewhere midway through the dream I remembered that my father had passed away — yet here I was talking to him. At this point, I was consciously analyzing what was going on — yet I was still asleep. I wondered how we had brought him back to life when I remembered having buried him. (Since I was consciously taking part in the dream while I was sleeping, I believe I was beginning to experience lucid dreaming.

Despite my questions about how this could be I remember feeling extreme gratitude. I knew on some level that I was blessed to have that moment. In fact, I remember those very words going through my mind, ‘I am blessed; I am blessed.’ In the dream I was extremely happy because I knew I hadn’t seen my father in so long.

He also seemed happy and we just had a good conversation as if we were with one another all the time. I also noticed that everything in the dream was vivid. The colors were bright, the scene was clear. Everyone in the dream seemed to be moving in slow motion almost as if we were all reveling in what might come next.

Then as I continued to sleep, I gleaned more insight into the situation. I remembered (while still dreaming) that my father was still dead and a stab of disappointment washed over me. It was at that moment that I knew this experience would not last and once again he would be gone from my life.

My very alive brother was also briefly in the dream. My brother and I haven’t spoken in a while and were due for a catchup phone call at some point. However this morning, after I woke up, my brother randomly called just to say ‘hi.’ I’m convinced that my father nudged him to make that call.

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This wasn’t the first visitation from my father that I’ve experienced. Each time, I’ve felt warm and full of gratitude during my time with him and each time, I felt pain and loss when I woke up and realized he was still gone.

I know some would say it was all just a dream and even I wondered at first this morning if I was reading too much into it. But when my brother called out of the blue, I knew the experience had been real and on some level, he had been in the same dimension as our father and me. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.