How to notice the differences in your Spirit Guides

Do all Spirit Guides look and feel the same? The answer is absolutely not. Just as different people in your life look different to you and feel different to you, so too do the different types of Spirit Guides that work with you.

different types of Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides also have different manners about them and they work differently. For example, one Spirit Guide may seem very serious while another may seem like a prankster. Your experience with your Spirit Guides depends as much on the actions and manners of the Guide as your ability to perceive your connection.

Most of us work with multiple Spirit Guides over the course of our lives. Different Guides may work with us on different things. For example, one Guide may be your primary Guide to help you through most of the day-do-day challenges that occur in your life while another may work with you during a particularly difficult time in your life such as a time of intense grieving.

Ways to perceive Spirit Guides

Some people have visions associated with their Spirit Guides. For example, if a Spirit Guide is communicating with them, the person may see in their mind’s eye the color pink or a shower of lights. A person that sees visions would likely see a different vision when contacted by a different Spirit Guide. The color may be different, for example, or there may be a different shape or image that comes to mind entirely.

Not everyone ‘sees’ their Spirit Guides. Some people, instead, feel or even hear them. Those that feel their Spirit Guides may notice a sense of warmth or feel a tingling sensation when their Spirit Guide is nearby. Those who hear their Spirit Guides may literally notice a different communication style between different Guides. For example, one might speak fast while another takes a longer time to communicate a thought.

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When you’re working with your different types of Spirit Guides, it is a good idea to note the differences among them. After all, it’s good to know who you’re working with.

How to get to know your Spirit Guides

One thing you might do to get to know your Spirit Guides is to ask them their names. In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself sitting down and speaking with your Spirit Guide. Silently (in your head) ask for a name and be open to what comes to you. Notice the feelings that you experience, as well as everything you hear and see. Those will be the qualities that are attached to that particular Spirit Guide. So the next time you notice those feelings, thoughts, sounds or visions, you’ll know that that particular Spirit Guide is around.

You can repeat the same process for your other Spirit Guides. Again, you’ll begin to notice which qualities are related to which Spirit Guides.

Why would you want to do this? The relationships you have with your Spirit Guides are just as important as the relationships that we have in our day-to-day life. Just as we benefit from strengthening them and sharing and taking the time to invest in our Earthly relationships, we benefit tremendously from doing the same with the relationships that we have in the Spirit world. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.