How to Tap Into Psychic Abilities at Work

tap into psychic abilitiesDo you have a co-worker that you feel uneasy around or that you just sense is out to get you? Have you ever felt like your job was in danger, only to find yourself laid off? Can you sense when your boss is in a bad mood? Do you walk into the office sometimes and just feel as if something isn’t right? If any of those scenarios sound familiar to you, you’re beginning to tap into psychic abilities at work.

We all are psychic, but too many of us look at our psychic ability as a novelty or something that makes us special or different. What we need to be doing is looking at it as an asset — something to give us an edge as we interact with the world. The workplace is one of the locations where we should be using it to our advantage. Not only can it help us to avert potential crises before they get too bad, but it can help us know what to do to impress our boss and possibly get that raise that we want.

I remember once I intuitively knew my boss was stressed and I sensed that it was related to his personal life. Armed with that psychic information, I spent the next couple of weeks staying late and doing extra work so that my boss had less on his plate. I was promoted soon after, and I believe my actions taken based on my intuition contributed to it. (I also later found out that my boss’s mother had been ill during that time.)

We can all benefit from learning to tap into psychic abilities at work (and trusting it enough to take action the way I did). So how do you tap into your psychic abilities? Here are some other common workplace situations where your psychic ability can give you the upper hand.

When you feel like someone is out to get you.  If you’re picking up on bad vibes from someone, don’t criticize yourself for your feelings. Instead, pay attention and set the intention to discover what’s up. If you know you’re going to be around that person, take a few moments to breathe deeply and clear your mind and energy field. Then, when you’re around the person, note how your feelings shift. If the person enters your workspace, have some energy protection spray handy to freshen up your workspace once they leave.

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When you need to ask for a raise. Is it time to make the case for why you should be making more money? Use telepathy to your advantage by starting the conversation in your head. Go into meditation and visualize yourself telling your boss about all of the ways that you have contributed to the workspace. Visualize your boss being receptive and visualize both of you being happy with the way the conversation played out.

When you want to know if you should volunteer for a project. Wondering whether a potential project will be good for your career or a living nightmare? Try what I call the apple meditation exercise. Ask your Spirit Guides to use the imagery of an apple to send you guidance on how the project will turn out. Then close your eyes and think of the word apple and pay attention to what comes to mind. For example, you might see a tasty-looking apple pie that lets you know the project could be fulfilling. On the other hand, you may see an apple with a worm in it, which could indicate that you might want to pass this one by.

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