How my intuition caught my ex cheating

intuition caught my ex cheatingEnhancing your psychic abilities just for the sake of doing so is a waste. If your intuition can’t help you in your day-to-day life, what’s the point? Sure, it can be exciting to know something before it happens, but the goal is to apply psychic insight to our own lives (or to the lives of others if your goal is to become a professional psychic). For me, one of the experiences that made me realize just how valuable my intuition was took place when I realized a relationship I was in was doomed.

This was before I started reading books and working with an intuitive coach to strengthen my intuition. At the time, I was still experiencing my psychic ability as a hit-or-miss phenomenon. I would be going about my life and out of the blue, BOOM!, I’d get an intuitive message about something that was going on in my life.

So at this time, my dreams provided much of my psychic insight. I had recently started studying dreams and I was keeping a dream journal so that I could record them. In doing this, I realized that many dreams that I initially dismissed as being insignificant turned out to be prophetic. I was regularly getting hints about future events while I was sleeping.

One night, I dreamt that I was looking outside my window and a black car that I didn’t recognize pulled up in front of my house. In the dream, the black car kept backing up and ramming into my car. I felt angry and violated in the dream and woke up with a start.

I didn’t think much about it and went on about my business, but the dream remained in the back of my mind. A couple of weeks later, I was at my boyfriend’s house and noticed the same black car from my dream in a driveway across the street. Long story short, he was cheating with the woman across the street whose black car had somehow rammed its way into my dreams.

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While I’ll spare you the details of the doomed relationship, I’m eternally grateful to my intuition for clueing me into what was going on so that I could take action and move forward with my life. The main things I learned from that experience were that:

Dreams are gifts that we should take seriously. One of the easiest ways to get psychic information is through our dreams because our logical mind is quiet and not analyzing everything.

Psychic information doesn’t always make sense right away. The dream made no sense the night I had it. I also don’t think I would have remembered it had I not been keeping that dream journal and regularly writing down my dreams.

Our intuition knows the state of our relationships before our logical minds do.┬áIf we learn how to tap into our intuition, we have an ally when it comes to dating or even improving the state of a marriage. We can anticipate changes in our partners’ moods and behaviors before they are apparent, and we can take action. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.