Past Lives and Illnesses: What Your Aches and Pains may be Telling You

past lives and illnesses

Is there a connection between past lives and illnesses?

Everyone knows a hypochondriac — someone who always thinks they have an illness that they don’t really have.

You know the signs. They hear about a disease or someone having a medical condition and they start thinking they have those symptoms. They may visit their doctor frequently only to be told that there is nothing wrong with them. You might even be the hypochondriac in your circle.

Some say that hypochondriacs may be empaths who are picking up on the illnesses of those around them. Some psychic mediums experience the aches and pains of people who crossed over. That’s often how those mediums get information about what happened to someone who has died. So yes, if you are a hypochondriac, you could be a psychic medium. (Here are some other signs that you could be a psychic medium.)

However, another theory is that hypochondriacs could be remembering the ailments they experienced in a past life.

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How illnesses can shed light into past lives

Just as people often have phobias or fears that carry over from a past life, they could be remembering aches and pains, particularly if they were traumatic. For example, if someone died as a result of being stabbed in the side in a past life, he or she might find that they often experience a shooting pain in that same side in their current life.

Likewise, a person who suffered a lot of pain from a chronic illness in a past life might find that they often feel bad for no particular reason, and doctors can’t find anything wrong.

If you have physical ailments and don’t know the source of them, you should always make an appointment with a doctor; don’t just assume that it’s a remnant of a past life. However, if you have seen a doctor and there is no evidence of illness or no explanation for the condition, consider meditating and asking your Spirit Guides for insight into the symptoms and if there might be a connection between your past lives and illnesses.

You may come away with new insight into your past lives, and how they are still influencing you today.

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