How Planets in Retrograde Can Hurt Your Manifesting

planets in retrogradeDid you know that astrology can be used to enhance your manifesting game? I’m not talking about understanding what signs you’re romantically compatible with. I’m talking about understanding how to identify favorable times for rituals and knowing when to take action and when to be still.

Retrograde periods in particular can put a damper on your manifesting process. Here are some ways that you can use astrology to your advantage.

What are retrograde periods?

In astrology, the different planets rule different areas of our lives. When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backward rather than forward in its normal rotation. When that happens, the areas of our lives that the planet rules also are affected, and may even seem to slow down.

Retrograde periods can bring on delays

An understanding of astrology helps us to recognize times when delays are probable. For example, when certain planets are in retrograde, circumstances in our lives may seem to slow down.

Many of us are familiar with Mercury Retrograde. In fact, I hear people who know nothing about astrology blaming their setbacks on Mercury Retrograde all the time. It’s known as a time when communication can be in disarray and we may experience delays with projects and situations that depend on our interactions with others.

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When Venus is in Retrograde, we may experience delays in our romantic lives, so if you’re starting down the path of a relationship, you may find yourself taking two steps back rather than moving forward.

When Mars, the planet of energy, action and desire, is in retrograde, our plans and goals may see setbacks and delays. If you recognize that and you do in fact experience delays, you’re less likely to let them bother you and you can take them in stride.

Retrograde periods can remind you to patient

Manifesting success depends largely on mindset. We attract according to our vibrations so if we’re vibrating frustration because things aren’t happening fast enough, we’re going to get more of things not happening fast enough. But if we can just chill through delays and keep our vibrations up, we’ll likely discover that the manifestations we seek are right around the corner.

Retrograde periods can help you plan rituals.

Rituals provide a way for us to focus our intention and show that we have clarity about what we want. Those two ingredients are particularly potent in any manifesting toolkit. But there are certain times in which rituals will be more effective than others.

For example, I’m a big proponent of moon magic. I recognize that when the moon is new or waxing, that is a time that’s ripe for manifesting something new. On the other hand, when the moon is full or waning, that is a time that is ripe for releasing what we no longer want. Since I have this knowledge, I am less likely to do a ritual for manifesting something new when the moon is waning. Instead, I would do such a ritual during a new or waxing moon.

The same holds true with astrology. For example, if I wanted to do a ritual for new love, I’d likely wait until the first new moon after Venus Retrograde was over. If I wanted to do a ritual to put energy toward a new project, I might choose to wait until Mars turns direct.

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