Princess Diana’s psychic makes predictions about royal baby

Psychics are popular with celebrities, politicians and many powerful people. Nancy Reagan was known to conduct séances in the White House. Former presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are also said to have consulted with psychics in their day. The late Princess Diana was known to have consulted with psychic Sally Morgan, and Morgan recently made predictions about the new royal baby.

Prince William and Kate Middleton gave birth earlier this month to a baby girl who they named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Now magazine, a publication in the UK asked Morgan her thoughts on the royal delivery.

She told Now that Charlotte would be a middle child and William and Kate would have another baby. She will have a strong personality, Morgan said. That might not be surprising considering the fact that strong women run in the family. Just look at Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and the baby’s own mother Kate Middleton.

Despite her strong personality, Charlotte will also have a private side, Morgan said.

Morgan also issued one warning about the child, saying she may be prone to allergies.

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