How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Have you ever met someone who seemed to drain the energy from inside of you when you were in their presence? If you are particularly sensitive to psychic energy, which you likely are if you are reading this blog, you’ll be feeling great and you run into this person or they call you on the phone. After the interaction, you’ll notice that you feel worse. You may feel tired, sad, run-down, but the thing is, you probably won’t know why you feel this way. It will make no sense because there is nothing going on in your world to bring you down. Except for the fact that you just had your energy zapped by an energy vampire.

energy vampiresAn energy vampire is typically someone who likes to be around you and likes to tell you his or her problems and you always end up feeling worse after you are around this person. It could be a friend, a family member,  a co-worker…it can be anybody.

Why do energy vampires do this? Simple. When an energy vampire spends time with you, that person ends up feeling better because they are literally sucking up your energy.

Unfortunately the higher your vibration, the more appealing you are to energy vampires. This isn’t usually a conscious intention on their part. They just know that being around you feels good to them. These are people who have difficulty maintaining a high vibration on their own, so they seek to get it from those around them. In reality, the best place to get your energy is from God, the Universe or whatever you call the higher power that we are all connected to. We are all connected to Source energy and have an inexhaustible supply of energy. However, energy vampires do not believe this or they do not know that they can get all the energy they need by doing things such as praying, meditating and listening to soul-stirring music. They believe they need the energy of others to survive.

If your vibration were low, energy vampires wouldn’t get anything from you. They wouldn’t feel better when they were around you. Rather, they might end up feeling worse so they would leave you alone.

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Of course this doesn’t man you should seek to have a low vibration. It’s simply a negative side effect to having a high vibration. Luckily, you can control who has access to your energy.

How to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

If you can avoid the energy vampires in your life, do so. You know those peripheral people in our lives who we speak to only when they need something or at random times when they feel down and want to hear your voice? (Do you notice the pattern? If they come around when they want or need to see you but they’re not around checking on you to see how you are from time to time, they are likely an energy vampire. That friend who calls once every few months when she realizes she hasn’t been in touch with friends lately and needs to feel like she has a life outside of her family.) Those are the types of energy vampires you can just slash out of your life.

If you can’t avoid these people entirely, try limiting your time with them. Be conscious of how you feel around them. The minute you start to feel as if your energy is being sapped, begin to distance yourself.

Another thing you can do is use visualization to your advantage. Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble that cannot be penetrated. You have the power to open this bubble when you are around people you want to communicate with. However, you can close this bubble at a moment’s notice when you are around someone that you don’t want to communicate with. When you are around an energy vampire, imagine your bubble closing so your energy cannot be accessed by this person. After doing this a few times, you’ll likely notice that the person stops coming around because they won’t be getting the energy high that they want so much.  You can read more tips on psychic protection here.

Finally, set the intention that your energy will not be sapped. As long as you are conscious of what’s going on no one can take your energy without your permission. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.