Should You Give People a Second Chance When You Get Bad Vibes?

bad vibes

When you start embracing your psychic gifts, you’re going to pick up on bad vibes. There will be people who you have an instant dislike for. But should you immediately take that information to heart or could that person be having a bad day?

I recently pondered that question. I have a client who I’ve worked with for many years. The client, a non-profit agency, hired someone a few months ago who I have to work with on a regular basis. When I met this person, I instantly disliked her. However, there was no logical reason for my feelings. I just knew I was repelled by her energy. I had a strong desire to cut off contact, and I just knew this person’s energy didn’t gel with mine.

However, the event that I met her at was a conference that she was working at, and I knew it was a stressful situation for her. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to reserve my judgment. While I intuitively didn’t like her energy, I considered the fact that I might have been responding to the stress that she was under. I decided to give her another chance.

Recognizing shifts in energy

Sensing the energy of others is a skill that’s common among people who have developed their psychic abilities. You might sense that someone is sad even if they’re smiling. Or perhaps you feel the anger oozing from someone even though they have a straight face. If you’re an empath, you’re probably really good at sensing the energy of others. You may even feel overwhelmed by their energy at times.

Sometimes you may sense the energy of others and not even realize it. Rather, you may mistake their energy for your own feelings. Have you ever entered a room and felt your emotions change? Maybe you were having a great day and then suddenly you felt nervous or anxious. The opposite can also happen. You can be having a terrible day and then you run into someone and you inexplicably start to feel better.

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In these situations, your energy is interacting with the energy of someone else, and their energy is actually affecting your own vibration. You’re picking up on their vibes.

The thing is, energy is often a shifting thing. Think about your own moods. Some days you’re feeling good; other days you may be feeling bad. When you pay attention to how you feel around others, you may notice that sometimes you feel good around them and sometimes you feel bad. So meeting someone one time and having an instant dislike for them may or may not be reflective of the situation at hand. If someone gives you bad vibes, it could mean many different things. Among them:

  • It could mean they’re an untrustworthy person.
  • It could mean they’re uncomfortable around you.
  • It could mean they’re lying to you.
  • It could mean they’re having a bad day.
  • It could mean they don’t feel well.

How can you tell what the Universe wants you to know?

How to interpret bad vibes

When you pick up on bad vibes about someone, one thing is for sure: You should never ignore it. Always take it seriously when you feel like you don’t like someone. (If you’re the parent of a small child, also take it seriously if your child doesn’t like someone. Don’t force a child to hug someone or spend time with someone if they’re not comfortable, particularly if you are not around. Children are typically very in tune with their natural psychic ability, and when you teach them to ignore their gut feelings, you set them on a path of ignoring their instincts throughout their lives.)

Here are some steps you can take to figure out what those bad vibes are trying to tell you.

First, write your feelings down.

This is why you should have some type of psychic journal so you can record your thoughts and impressions. If you pick up bad vibes about someone, write it down and write down the date that you picked up on this feeling.

Then, make sure you cleanse your energy.

When you pick up on the energy of someone and you don’t like the way you feel, make sure you do some type of ritual to cleanse your aura. In fact, I’d suggest that you never go to bed without cleansing your energy first.

One way to do this is to smudge yourself or your space. Read how to smudge your space here. You can also smudge your workplace if you picked up on bad energy from a co-worker. Read how to smudge your workspace here. Another way to cleanse your energy is to take a shower, as water is a great cleansing agent. Before you even think about analyzing what the bad vibes mean, make sure they’re not sticking to your energy field.

Ask for a sign.

We don’t have to wait passively to get psychic impressions. We can ask for signs to help us to know what to do. If you’re feeling uneasy about someone who’s in your life ask for a sign as to whether or not you can trust them. Then, make sure you keep your eyes open for symbols that will give you some insight. You might get an answer in a dream or hear a song on the radio that tells you what you need to know. If you don’t get any signs or you’re confused about what signs you’re picking up on, a psychic may be able to shed some light on your situation.

See if the bad vibes return.

Pay attention to the way you feel the next time you’re around the person. If you don’t feel the same negative vibe, that doesn’t mean that you automatically trust the person. It just means that the jury is still out. Write down how you felt this time about the person in your psychic journal. Then continue to pay attention to your feelings the next couple of times you’re around the person. If I pick up bad vibes about a person three times — and it doesn’t have to happen consecutively — I move that person into the category of someone I keep at arm’s length. Decide what your limit will be. Once you come to a decision, stick to it.

So how did the situation turn out with my client? Fast forward a few months and I have had to interact with this person several times and I still dislike her. My intuition was spot on. While I have to work with her on a limited basis, I don’t trust her and I’m cautious around her. I’m also open to the idea of replacing this client if the experience becomes an unpleasant one. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.