Signs of Soulmate Encounter: What to Expect

Many people spend a lot of time and energy looking for soulmates. But there’s no need to worry: we will meet up with them when the timing is right. The bigger question is whether we will recognize our soulmates when they show up. Luckily signs of soulmate encounter do exist.

signs of soulmate encounterSoulmates are those who are part of our soul groups. They tend to reincarnate with us in lifetime after lifetime. While some people believe that we have only one soulmate, we actually can have many soulmates in our lifetimes. Many people confuse soulmates with twin flames and romantic life partners, all of which can be very different from one another.

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Often, when we meet up with our soulmates, we experience major growth in our lives. Our soulmates may provide support or they may spark major life lessons.

Some believe that soulmates make soul contracts with each other between lives. With these contracts, they decide to play certain roles in each other’s lives that will help with the evolution of both. For example, a soulmate may agree to help you to learn forgiveness. In order to do so, that person may hurt you, which causes you to flex your forgiveness muscles.

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Signs of a soulmate encounter

So how can you tell if you are in the presence of a soulmate? Here are some signs:

You ‘coincidentally’ meet multiple times. There is no such thing as coincidence. The Universe uses synchronicity to keep things going. We run into people when we run into them because we are supposed to. What are the odds that you run into a ‘stranger’ multiple times? If you miss the connection with your soulmate the first time, the Universe will often conspire to help you get another opportunity to connect.

Your eyes meet for longer than a second. We make eye contact with many people throughout the day. A quick glance usually suffices. But sometimes we meet someone and we stare longer, or something makes us do a double take. You might not be able to explain it. But when it comes to looking for signs of soulmate encounter, you’re dealing with synchronicity, not logic.

You dream about someone you just met. If you meet someone and they turn up in your dreams, you’re often getting a message from the Universe that something pretty powerful may be going on. It’s almost as if the Universe isn’t leaving it to chance that you take this connection seriously.

Signs of soulmate encounter: What to do about it

So what should you do when you know you met a soulmate? Is it enough to just wait and see what happens?

There’s no need to force anything; the Universe typically leads us in the direction we’re meant to go. However, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re in touch with your intuition. The following strategies can help you to stay true to your heart.

Meditate regularly. Soulmate connections often stir up strong emotions. By meditating on a frequent basis, we can keep our minds still and recognize insights when they come.

Write down dreams. Keep a dream journal and jot down what you remember when you woke up particularly when you dreamt about the suspected soulmate.

Journal about the connection. If you suspect someone might be a soulmate but you’re not sure, write in your journal about the person. When we journal we often form a link to our subconscious. You may be surprised by what you end up putting to paper. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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