Can You Make Someone Fall in Love With You Telepathically?

Learning telepathy can be exciting. As your abilities grow, you might get excited and wonder how far they can take you. You may even ask yourself: Can you make someone fall in love with you telepathically? While that idea may sound appealing, consider the following before you try.

make someone fall in love with you telepathicallyWhen you communicate with someone via thoughts, you use telepathy. Imagine telling someone you need them without mentioning a word. Or perhaps you can let a loved one miles away know that you need help without picking up the phone. Telepathy lets you get into someone’s head or give someone permission to get inside of your own head. So how can that affect your love life?

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings to others. When people fall in love, they sometimes feel vulnerable and may be afraid to tell the other person how they feel. You can use telepathy to make it easier to communicate feelings of love.

Telepathy in love: Can it make a difference?

Telepathy is a tool. In some respects, telepathy can be similar to love spells. It can be useful in love, but it can also be harmful. Before you try to make someone fall in love with you telepathically, understand how telepathy can make things easier.

If you are afraid to tell someone how you feel about them, you may have a difficult time getting together. However, you can use telepathy to make it easier.

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A telepathic technique  for tough conversations

One common telepathic technique is to use telepathy to pave the way for a difficult conversation. If you are worried about an upcoming discussion, visualize yourself having that conversation with the other person telepathically.

Say you want to tell someone you love them. Visualize yourself sitting with that person and sharing that information. A good time to do this is before you fall asleep when your conscious mind is less in control. By doing this several nights in a row, you may find that it is easier to have the real conversation because you’ve paved the way. The other person may even tell you that they already know how you feel.

You can also use telepathy to better understand a loved one if they are open to it. Some couples may just know how each other feels even though words are not spoken. Have you ever known that a loved one was having a tough time even though they had a smile on their face? You may be picking up telepathic thoughts. Such a connection can keep a relationship going even during tough times since one or both parties is privy to telepathic information.

Make sure you don’t abuse telepathy

Now that you know how telepathy can help your love life, it’s important to know how it can hurt it. Telepathy should be used ethically. Don’t use telepathy to put thoughts in someone’s mind and try to override their free will.

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While telepathy can help lovers to better communicate with each other, you should be careful before trying to make someone fall in love with you telepathically. Love that is forced is likely to be short-lived. Even if you manipulate someone into loving you, chances are at some point they will re-connect with their hearts and they may leave you anyway.

While you can share your feelings telepathically, you have no control over the other person’s thoughts or feelings. If you try to use telepathy to control the other person’s thoughts or feelings or to change them, there is a good chance it will backfire on you.

Love should also be something that both parties enter willingly. Why would you want someone who you had to convince to love you telepathically? Instead, use telepathy to strengthen the connection, not to make the connection. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.