Signs You Were a Witch in a Past Life

witch in a past life

A past life regression can teach you a lot about yourself. You may find that you lived a life much different from your life today. However, you don’t have to have a past life regression to remember certain aspects of a past life. If you were a witch in a past life, there are a number of clues that might give you insights into that previous existence.

You’re afraid to share your spiritual beliefs

Witches have always been unfairly persecuted. In fact, many were killed because of their beliefs. If you were one of them, you may subconsciously believe that sharing your spiritual beliefs is unsafe. If you’re interested in metaphysics and other New Age philosophies but you don’t want anyone to know that, you may have been a witch in a past life.

You’re drawn to crystals

If you’re drawn to the power of crystals and you feel the boost they can give you, you may have been a witch in a past life. Witches understand the healing properties of nature, including crystals. They are sensitive to those properties and they have an uncanny ability to know what crystal is best for what ailment or concern. If you have that natural skill, it could have come from a past life.

You consider yourself a natural healer

People have all kinds of preconceived notions about witches. Society has done a good job of destroying their image unfairly and spreading lies about what they stand for. In truth, witches heal. They understand natural healing such as energy healing and the use of herbs. If this sounds like you, you could have been a witch in a past life.

You have a connection to the moon

We’ve said before that witches have a connection to nature; one of the strongest connections is to the moon. If you are naturally drawn to the moon’s beauty, or you do rituals associated with the phase of the moon, you could have been a witch in a past life.

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You are afraid of fire

Fears can often give us a glimpse into our past lives. We often fear things that hurt us or caused our deaths in past lives. Many witches were killed by being burned at the stake; as a result, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for someone who was a witch in a past life to have a fear of fire today. If you are hesitant to light candles or you have fears or have had nightmares about fire, you may have been a witch in a past life.

You’re interested in stories of Salem

Your interests may also give you insights into a past life. What are you naturally drawn to? Do you have an interest in places where witches were known to live and be persecuted? Your interests could reflect past life memories.

Your intuition is always on point when you trust it

It goes without saying that witches are masters at using their intuition and psychic ability. If you’ve always been intuitive and you have natural psychic insight, you could have been a witch in a past life.

You’re interested in spells

If you’re interested in learning about spells, candle magic and other types of magic, you could be remembering a long-held skill.  By embracing your interests and following your heart, you’ll be able to explore a part of you that has transcended death and is integral to your soul. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.