Telepathic Messages From the Dead: How to Receive Them

telepathic messages from the dead

As your telepathic skills grow, you might realize that you not only can receive telepathic messages from your friends and other living loved ones, but you may be able to also receive telepathic messages from the dead.

When loved ones pass away, they often find ways to communicate with us — if we’re open to hearing those messages. Sometimes we may not hear their messages because we’re still grieving. When we’re sad about missing them, we can close ourselves off and be unable to sense them or pick up on their messages to us. However, in time, we may be open to hearing their messages and we may even become skilled at sending messages back to them.

Recognizing a telepathic connection with a spirit

Many people realize they have a telepathic connection to a deceased loved one by chance. They don’t set out to develop such a connection; it just naturally occurs. Typically this will occur with someone we were particularly close to when they were alive. It could be a spouse or partner, a parent, a child or a best friend. Here are some signs you may be picking up on a telepathic connection with a loved one:

  • You keep hearing their voice in your head. Perhaps you may hear a phrase that they would frequently say
  • Maybe you keep hearing someone call your name, only to see no-one there
  •  You hear a song over and over again that had special meaning to the deceased loved one
  • You have intruding thoughts — thoughts that suddenly come to mind and have nothing to do with your train of thought. Those thoughts remind you of that loved one
  • You dream about yourself having a conversation with a deceased loved one
  •  When your telepathic skills become more advanced, you may even find yourself having a conversation in your head with the deceased loved one. You literally hear what they would want to tell you and you can participate in the conversation as if they were there in physical space and time.

With many of these scenarios, you may be tempted to brush them off as being a part of your imagination. Some people ignore telepathic messages from the dead, telling themselves they’re making it up because they miss the person so much. However, brushing these communications off can be paramount to blocking your blessings.

Strengthening the telepathic connection with the dead

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Say you open a telepathic channel with a loved one who has crossed over into spirit. How do you strengthen that channel and move from hearing random words to having complete conversations?

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There are steps you can take to strengthen the connection:

You can meditate. Every time you meditate you open yourself spiritually. That, in turn, makes you more aware and receptive to psychic and spiritual energies. While meditation won’t increase the odds that a deceased loved one will communicate with you, it increases the odds that you’ll actually notice and pick up on the communication.

You can let deceased loved ones know you want to communicate with them. Telepathic communication is a two-way street. If you sense that someone is communicating with you, send a telepathic message to let them know that you are open and invite them to communicate with you some more.

You can have a seance. A seance is an event in which you invite spirits to communicate with you. A seance can break down some of the barriers between you and your loved ones in the spirit world. (Read: What to Expect from a Seance)

You can visit a medium. Mediums specialize in communicating with the dead. By visiting with a medium, you may be able to let a loved one know that you’re open to communicating telepathically, which could make a difference in what you experience.

What if you don’t want to talk to the spirit?

While some people might find it comforting to be able to communicate with the spirit of a loved one, others may find themselves getting freaked out by that notion. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to the dead, it’s ok. It’s not for everybody.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of messages that you don’t want, set the intention that you receive no more communications. Visualize yourself being surrounded by a protective bubble and instruct the Universe that no spirits be allowed to enter.

You control your life and your inner world. By setting boundaries with the spirit world, you can protect yourself from experiences you aren’t ready bring into your life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.