Signs you are Dreaming About a Future Soulmate

Soulmates are so important to our evolution that the Universe doesn’t leave soulmate meetings to chance. In fact, there is no need to worry about whether or not you are going to meet a soulmate. It is going to happen because it is a part of your destiny. However, you can delay your soulmate meetings or you can fail to recognize a soulmate when they enter your life. (This free download outlines three mistakes keeping you from your soulmates.)  One way that the Universe helps you to prepare for a soulmate is though your dreams. Soulmate connection dreams are rather common. Here are some soulmate dreams signs that could help you recognize  a future soulmate.

Soulmate dreams signsBefore going into the soulmate dreams signs, I want to stress that studying your dreams is one of the best ways to get to know yourself and to identify your own inherent psychic ability. The more you pay attention to your dreams and write them down, the more you will recognize the symbols that your subconscious uses to get certain messages across to you.

For example, I know someone who typically dreams about street signs and traffic signals. When she is being urged to move forward with something she may dream about a green light, while she may dream about a Yield sign if she’s being urged to take things  slow and move cautiously. While a dream dictionary can help you to get comfortable with some common dream signals, everyone’s subconscious speaks in its own language so you will be better served by learning your own dream language. You can do this on your own by paying attention to your dreams and writing them down.

Soulmate Dreams Signs

You feel a sense of familiarity about the person in the dream. Yet, you don’t recognize the person as someone that is part of your current life. It’s not uncommon to dream about our past lives or those loved ones who were in it. And, remember, our soulmates typically were part of our lives in lifetime after lifetime. The person in the dream may feel familiar because you recognize them from your past life and since they are a soulmate, they may soon make another appearance in your present life.

The dream leaves you feeling warm and excited. How do you feel when you wake up? Whenever you wake up, pay attention to your emotional state. Do you feel happy? Safe? Afraid? Angry? Confused? Your emotional state when you wake up is a great clue into what you were meant to take from the dream that you’re waking up from.

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You dream about this person multiple times. I dreamt about someone I didn’t know many times over a period of years, yet each time I dreamt about this person, I felt safe and extremely happy. Whenever you dream about someone or something multiple times, your subconscious is letting you know that this is important and you should pay attention.  When I finally met this person in my real life, I immediately recognized them. Not only did they look similar to the way they looked in the dream, but they felt the same way to me, as well.

You feel like you’re having a conversation with this person. Some people develop a telepathic connection with their soulmates. In fact, it’s not unusual to be in contact telepathically with a soulmate before you physically meet. If you remember having a conversation with someone you don’t know in your dreams, you could be talking telepathically with a soulmate.

You feel transformed by the dream. Have you ever woken up and simply known that a dream changed you? Maybe you no longer were plagued with a common fear, or maybe you decided to move forward in a new direction in your life. Soulmates come into our lives and they change us typically for the better. This can even happen in a dream.

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  • What if soulmate has died after he died you dream of giving birth to a baby boy with him in life you was not together had no children together could this dream be the future for us or a past life we had together ??

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