Signs You Should Cut Off a Psychic Connection

Not every psychic interaction is good for you. Here are signs that you should cut off contact with a psychic connection immediately.

cut off a psychic connection

The spirit world uses all kinds of methods to contact us. For those who have the gift of mediumship, spirits may make contact through dreams, visions, sounds, smells, touch — and all of the above. 

When you start taking proactive steps to strengthen your intuition through such means as meditation and psychic development exercises, spirits may become downright aggressive if they realize there is a new channel for them to come through.

But just because a spirit reaches out to touch us, that does not mean that the entity has our best interests in mind. 

  • A low-vibration spirit may be hoping to feed off of your energy
  • An earth-bound spirit that does not want to go to the other side may be hoping to attach to you or your surroundings 
  • A spirit that wants to do mischief or, sadly, cause harm may be looking for an entryway to this dimension 

One of the most valuable lessons you can learn is discernment, particularly when it comes to distinguishing between psychic interactions that are loving and healing, and those that are harmful. 

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How to tell a psychic connection is not for you

This post is in no way meant to discourage you from strengthening your psychic abilities. Sometimes people will discourage psychic development by pointing out that you can unwillingly open the door to an evil or demonic spirit. I’m sure you’ve heard people warn against using ouija boards because they can unleash some demonic presence.

While it is possible to open the door to something you don’t want, there are ways to close the door if that happens. Even if you don’t know how to sever the cord yourself, you can always reach out to a professional psychic to get some advice.

The good news is there are ways to detect that a psychic connection is undesirable. Here are a few things to look out for. 

You feel uneasy about the connection

Your intuition never lies. You should definitely trust it when it is giving you insight into a psychic interaction you are having. If you notice that whenever you are picking up psychic information from this source you feel uncomfortable, fear, or you have a desire to stop, trust that this connection is not in your best interest.

The information you get could be harmful

A high-vibration connection is not going to tell you to do anything that would hurt yourself or hurt anyone else.  You know right from wrong, and just as you would side-eye someone for telling you to inflict harm in the world, you should do the same thing if some entity from the supernatural arena does that.

The connection leaves you super drained

Always pay attention to your energy when you are doing psychic work. If you’re really tired you may need to set better boundaries. Some signs that a connection is overwhelming you include feeling spacey or out of your head, cloudy thinking and feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

(Of course these symptoms could have a physical cause. I am not a doctor, so you should always see a doctor to rule out physical illness before assuming you are experiencing a metaphysical phenomenon.)

You can learn more about what to do when you are being drained by a psychic connection, here.

You have nightmares about the psychic activity

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Sometimes your subconscious mind picks up dangers that your conscious mind misses and those messages show up in your dreams. On top of that, many people find it easier to pick up psychic activity when dreaming than when they are awake. If you have nightmares about a psychic connection you have made, that’s a good indicator that you should break the connection. (If nightmares are a problem for you, get a piece of amethyst and try sitting that on your nightstand as you sleep.) may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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