Signs You Were Born With Telepathic Abilities

telepathic abilities

While everyone has psychic ability, we all experience it in different ways. You may be an empath, meaning you pick up on others’ emotions. Your best friend may be clairvoyant, meaning she sees images of events that have yet to happen. But do you have telepathic abilities?

Telepaths are those who can communicate with others mind to mind. They either transmit thoughts to others or pick up on what others are thinking.

All psychic abilities are like muscles, meaning the more you use them the stronger they become. As a result, even if you are a natural born telapath you can incraease your capabilities tremendously just by focusing on them and doing special exercises.

Not sure whether you were born with telepathic abilities? Here are some signs.

You’ve known what someone was going to say before they said it

I can recall a time some months ago when I was speaking on the phone with my mother. We were discussing politics when I suddenly thought about an upcoming visit from relatives. A moment later, my mother mentioned the upcoming visit from relatives. I picked up on her thought before she verbalized it.

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You’ve thought of someone moments before they reached out and gave you a call

This happens to me often and it’s one of the psychic experiences I hear many people describe. You’re sitting around watching television or are otherwise engaged when the thought of a loved one pops into your mind. Then the phone rings and it’s that person. A variation of this experience is when when you think of someone and get a text, an email, or social media shoutout from them. In this instance, they were thinking of you as they prepared to call or send the message. You likely picked up on their thought.

Here’s an important caveat, however. If you think of someone and moments later, you run into them in person, you likely had a psychic premonition that you were about to meet up with them rather than a telepathic thought because most likely the chance meeting was a surprise to the other person as well.

You’ve thought of something you wanted only to have someone offer it to you

This one can be fun and it serves as a reminder that telepaths should be careful what they wish for. In this scenario, you’re thinking about something you want such as a bottle of water or a cup of coffee, for example. Suddenly someone offers you what you’re thinking about. Perhaps a co-worker asks if you want to grab a coffee or a waiter comes up to you and asks if you want more water.

You’re a mental person who is comfortable with thoughts and being in your head

Since telepathy is the transmission of thoughts, it makes sense that those who are comfortable with telepathy tend to be thinkers. If anyone has ever accused you of being too much in your head or of thinking too much, you may be a telepath. Those who feel more comfortable in the realm of emotions or visions may have weaker telepathic abilities —but that is not a given.

You are clairaudient

Telepathy is a form of clairaudience, which is the psychic ability characterized by hearing voices, songs, thoughts and other sounds psychically. (Read: Signs You Are Clairaudient.) If you already know that your clairaudient skills are strong, there’s a good chance you’ll find it easier to open a telepathic connection with someone and strengthen it.

You’ve had conversations with loved ones in your dreams (living and non-living)

Dreams can be powerful and some people have very transendant experiences when they are dreaming. One of the most powerful experiences you can have is to have a conversation with a deceased loved one while you are sleeping. Those who have had the experience describe it as being emotionally soothing and healing leaving them with a knowing that they spoke with their loved one. Others have described having conversations with living people and spirits while they were sleeping. If you’ve ever had any of these experiences, you were likely using telepathic abilities to carry forth the dialog.

You know what’s going on with a loved one even though they don’t say it

Sometimes we know that a loved one is going through a tough time even if they don’t come out and say it. When we feel that they are struggling, we are using clairsentience, or ‘psychic feeing.’ But when we know what’s going on with them and it comes across as a thought, we may be a natural born telepath.

You do things before someone has the chance to ask

Has anyone ever called you perceptive because you somehow manage to always know what people want before they ask for it? Sure, maybe you’re perceptive, but perhaps you’re picking up on their telepathic thoughts without even realizing it. Many of us pick up information psychically but shrug it off as being a random thought, or we simply chalk it up to coincidence.

You know when someone is thinking sexual thoughts about you

Have you ever known someone was romantically into you? Sure, some people make it obvious by flirting, but sometimes you sense someone is into you even if they haven’t given much of a physical clue. This one can feel cruddy unless you’re attracted to the person that is thinking these thoughts. You could be around someone and feel fine, and suddenly you are uncomfortable around them. You just know their thoughts aren’t cool with you. You may be picking up on their less-than-pure thoughts.

You know what your pet is thinking or what animals are trying to tell you

Some pet owners know what their pet is thinking — when he or she is hungry, tired, or even moody. Sure you can say you’ve just studied your pet’s behavior over time but it’s just as likely that you’re picking up on your pet’s thoughts. If you’re an animal lover in general and seem to instinctively know what any animal needs, you may be a telepath who is also an animal communicator. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.