Claircognizance: Signs You Have This Psychic Gift


Do you always have correct gut instincts? Can you predict what other people will do or say? Do you often wake up with solutions without thinking about them? If any of that sounds familiar, claircognizance may be one of your psychic abilities.

What is claircognizance?

The psychic gift of claircognizance specifically refers to knowing an intention, event, occurrence or any other type of information without having clear evidence. An answer to a question may literally pop into your head.

Despite having no prior information about an occurrence, claircognizant people just know certain information that they have yet to be presented with, and they later find that they were correct. In many cases, they don’t know how they know; they just know.

Claircognizance, which is also known as ‘clear knowing,’ is just one of the psychic clairs. Others include:

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Claircognizant thoughts or feelings can appear randomly and anywhere, including at work, while watching TV, or even running around the block.

Signs of claircognizance

At first, it can be challenging to make a clear cut distinction between having insightful thoughts and experiencing signs of claircognizance.

Everyone’s mind often experiences repetitive thoughts. Most of these thoughts or instincts may be incorrect. Such thoughts are no claircognizant messages. Individuals with these psychic abilities can know things consistently without evidence. Below are some of the signs that you could be claircognizant.

Gut instincts are always right

Everybody has instincts and insights that can be colored by past experiences, genetics, spiritual connections, or even how they ware raised. However, these instincts may not always be right — except if you are experiencing claircognizant thoughts. With the gift of claircognizance, you can correctly predict outcomes, events and occurrences based on gut feelings.

Claircognizant people can tell when to go to a party or when to accept an offer. They instantly know when to trust someone or when to skip boarding a plane, and they know all of this without being able to provide any logical explanation for their decisions.

You have the ability to detect lies

Claircognizant people make perfect human lie detectors. They can make out when people are lying or when someone else is being fooled. This ability enables individuals to have a nose for insincerity, and nothing can get past them. They can detect even the slightest insincerity in an individual’s sentiments and emotions. This makes it possible to identify reliable and trustworthy ideas and people in your life.

Messages come in the form of random ideas or solutions

This is another hallmark of claircognizant people. Individuals with these psychic abilities often receive random ideas or thoughts that end up having real consequences in their lives if they follow them. You may not be able to control when these ideas hit. You could be watching the latest movie, singing in karaoke, working out, or driving when an idea pops in your head. You may also find solutions to problems hours or days after thinking about them.

You’re good at anticipating what someone will say

If you often have the urge to interrupt someone during a conversation, you could be claircognizant. However, claircognizant people don’t interrupt because of bad manners. Rather, they can tell what other people are about to say. Claircognizant individuals can even respond before the other person completes their sentence, probably because they can predict what’s coming.

You can tell the outcome of a situation

Though it may defy logic, claircognizant people can tell the outcome of an ongoing situation and it will turn out to be accurate. Such individuals are often convinced that something will happen without any logical explanation, and they draw conclusions and make decisions with no evidence to back it up.

The bottom line about claircognizance

Even without clear signs of claircognizance, you might possess this psychic ability. If you suspect you do, it is possible to improve such abilities using several techniques such meditation, psychic exercises and the setting of intentions.

Like other pronounced psychic abilities, being claircognizant can be both fun and scary, especially if you don’t know how to interpret the abilities. Besides, it can be difficult to distinguish claircognizant messages from rational thoughts. However, the more you act on your claircognizant abilities, the better you will become at taking advantage of this gift.

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